Ghana has emerged from its past of colonialism and military rule and its economic progress has had a stabilizing effect in the region. There remains a strong element of traditional practice that must be engaged with. This is in order to ensure that human rights take hold in all regions of the country, including Ghana Prisons.

In the video below, a reporter visited the prison in one of Ghana’s big cities – Kumasi to check the human rights standards. It is unbelievably horrible and terrific. The international human rights standards are not met in the Ghana prisons.

The extreme level of overcrowding extends to those on remand, the convicted and the condemned, and results in a number of serious violations. Prisoners are packed like sardine, in one room to sleep on the floor with not even an inch of space between them. Well, that’s for the lucky ones. Some people do squat all night. Only the leaders get to sleep on the beds.

Inadequate nutrition, insufficient access to medical care, poor sanitation. The prison contains 625 inmates and harbours just four toilets, of which two are out of use, thus leaving 625 persons with just 2 toilets.  Where they eat is close to the toilets personal insecurity. There’s also the absence of rehabilitation services.

In the case of a cholera outbreak, it will be a tragedy. The government should look into this situation and try to improve living conditions in Ghana prisons.


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