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George Enow is the CEO of  Enow Technologies Inc. He started his business in 2016 but officially launched Enow Technologies in 2018.

Launching a business in Buea at the peak of a socio-political crisis is no walk in a park. Yet, determined and focused, George Enow started his startup.

“I saw the need for businesses/organizations to have an online presence through professionally designed websites. This will help them showcase their works, services, or sell their products, which many people neglected its importance in this 21st century,” he said.

Enow Technologies offers services such as: Website Design, Website Development and Digital Marketing. The nature of their services alone shows they virtually depend on the Internet to survive. However, this young startup got its first blow during the Internet shutdown in Buea.

“When Internet connection was cut off here, sometimes, I had to travel to Douala nearly every day just to have access to Internet to be able to host clients’ websites or perform other services needed by our clients,” George Enow explained.

Young and born in the middle of a crisis, Enow Technologies still thrives against all odds. Their unique style and professionalism in their works make them stand out in a crowd of competitors.

Today, they are making it big although many challenges abound.

“It’s difficult now to meet clients in person since here in the SW. The days are nearly impossible to predict what might or might not happen due to numerous ghost towns and lockdowns. Getting to clients or prospective clients is one of our major challenge,” George further explained.

When the journey gets tough, the tough get going

Enow Technologies found a way to sail through the storm.

“We do most of our work now remotely and we are using tools like Skype to communicate with clients. There are times we even go to the extent of doing work for new clients without receiving prior payment. This is just to build that trust since we are working with them remotely and some people rarely trust people they just get to communicate with only online. We also do a lot of online campaigns through our Facebook page and other means online to attract new prospective clients.”

Remote work seems to be the magic tool for Enow Technologies Inc. coupled with effective online Facebook campaigns during the crisis period. As such, George Enow believes every entrepreneur who wants to survive the crisis needs to adopt remote working tools like Skype, Slack, Google Docs, Trello, etc with their team. As far as Enow Technologies is concerned, Skype is playing the magic.

“Entrepreneurs should adapt accordingly with their present environment. They should use remote tools or learn to use them if you are not familiar with them. This will help you to stay in contact with your clients.”


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