The General Manager of the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC)  issued a communique on July 14th, 2016 to Media organs to calm the fears of the public. The GM came in just in time to prevent the planned protest scheduled to take place today in Limbe.

The General Manager Mr Franklin Njie wrote : “The ongoing misinformation in social media, the internet, tabloids, and some pressure groups pertaining to the alleged transfer of the head office of the CDC appears to be based on the misinterpretation of Article 4 of the article Association of the CDC approved by the Head of state in Decree No 2016/032 of January 19, 2016.

This article is entitled Registered Office-Branches. It reads thus: ” The Head Office shall be at Bota-Limbe. However, it may be transferred to any other place in the country by resolution of the Extraordinary General Assembly. The change of the place of the Head Office shall entail the amendment of the Articles of Association by the corporation. The amended Articles of Association shall be subject to approval by decree of the President of the Republic…”

General Manager CDC writes to the Media
CDC General Manager’s letter to media organs
The general Manager continues ” Nowhere is it mentioned that the head office of the CDC is transferred to Yaounde. Article 4 simply outlines the procedure to be followed if and when the head office has to be transferred from Bota-Limbe. As far as we know, there is neither a motivation nor an intention to move the head office from Bota-Limbe. There are equally no negotiations of any kind in this direction”.
“There is no smoke without fire”, it is said. Be reminded that this communiqué was issued just a day before the Bota-Limbe protest.

The wisdom and action of the General Manager is what are required of those who hold public offices. They must be responsible and attentive to public demands and opinions.We commend his smart gesture  to send out this communiqué which informs the public of the subject matter. It also gives us the ‘Android Generation’, the pleasure to know that our leaders are conscious of the power the internet and social media possess. Everything is under the radar.      

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