Many Cameroonians have been victims of buying gas cylinders which don’t last up to a month or worse still one or two weeks. This is because some fraudulent depot owners play around with the bottles. A gas depot owner in Mfoundi, Yaounde, named Fidèle Fonkou has been arrested for illegally filling and redistributing domestic gas. They will usually empty a bottle by half, and fill it into two other bottles, which sell at 6,500 frs CFA each. 

This gas depot owner who was arrested on 21 September 2016 had been running this business for two years. The Departmental Delegate of the  Ministry of Commerce for Mfoundi, Jules Obama, told the pro-government daily they had been monitoring them for some time.

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“We have been carrying a surveillance on them for a month and two weeks now. When we had the confirmation of their activities, we sent our teams and around 4:00 hours (in the morning), we caught them red-handed.”

According to the officials in charge of the departmental delegation of Commerce for Mfoundi, this gas depot operator will be tried in court. He will also lose his authorisation to operate as a domestic gas distributor in Cameroon. 

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This act is very risky and dangerous to those who live around the area. In case of an explosion (like it happened some time ago in Douala), it will be extremely difficult to contain. However, so many lives and property will be lost of which you’ll never get to find the perpetrators because they’ll all be on the run.

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