We live in a century where technology is gradually defining the development path of every continent. Consequently, young African startups are also beginning to adopt an Afrocentric approach in their tech-innovations. This, of course, is helping to facilitate the integration of African nations into the global technology frenzy.

The Afrocentric approach highlights an African-inspired ideology, conceptualized to defend and promote the African heritage within the context of globalization. Africans now consider anything not indigenous to them be foreign. It often denies or minimizes European, Near Eastern and Asian cultural influences while accepting historical African civilizations that independently accomplish a significant level of cultural and technological development.

In Cameroon, a young startup known as Gameroon, has adopted the Afrocentric approach in the development of video games and mobile applications. What inspires their work is the African culture.

On January 3, 2018, the startup presented its brand new video game concept in the nation’s capital Yaoundé called Mchyso. Mchyso means “game” in Kiswahili. The game is unique in that it doesn’t make use of the conventional gamepad commonly used in playing other games. Rather, Mchyso’s gamers are expected to make use of “Ngueza”, a Kiswahili term for “tool”.

What is Ngueza?

Ngueza is an innovative accessory specifically designed to play Mchyso” says Yannick Sabze, one of the company’s promoters during a press conference to present the product to the public. According to Sabze, a group of young tech engineers from around the world developed Mchyso’s script. They converged in Yaoundé to take part in the eSport Mchyso competition.

The Ngueza accessory consists of a glove with a sensor and a circle with receivers. And during the game, it is necessary to make the glove act on the circle in order to move the elements”, Sabzé noted.

Cameroon-based Afrocentric Startup Develops New Video Game Concept
The Ngueza hand gem

He further notes that the invention is under protection in the United States. This certainly provides the safest protection for gamers.

There are prospects of the startup engaging in in the development of other applications over time, apart from games. However, their priority, for now, is to develop the first prototypes, so that the game is available this 2018.

We hope that this Afrocentric concept will be successful with the support of the African and particularly Cameroon public, especially with the current crusade to promote Made in Cameroon initiatives.

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