The last episode of Game of Thrones season six, The Winds of Winter, has left many fans wondering. This is so because long-running characters have been killed from Kings Landing to the Riverlands. The series keeps taking out long-standing characters when you least expect.

Here’s a recap of the 10th episode that left us with a king, two queens and a very dangerous grand mom.

The episode begins…The winds of winter are blowing

In the 9th episode of Game of Thrones Season Six, Battle of the Bastards, we had piles of dead people as the Jon Snow’s alliance took on Ramsey Bolton to take back Winterfell. But “The Winds of Winter” has taken off stage many named characters. The bulk of the casualties were recorded in King’s Landing, where Cersei Lannister’s well-crafted wildfire erased all those who stood in her way. She also lost her son,  King Tommen Baratheon, it’s a little how she feels about it.

Sansa disappoints her Little Finger

Petyr Baelish doesn’t seem happy as Sansa Stark refuses to grant his request. Lord Baelish can’t imagine how his contribution to the winning of the battle against the Boltons would have been so undermined. He knew this was his key to Sansa’s heart. His countenance is clear indication he’s feeling the winds of winter blowing.

Arya ticks some Freys off her list

Arya Stark finally ticked off one name from her list. Her revenge against the Frey family was born when her mother and brother were slaughtered at the Red wedding. With Walder Frey’s head pulled to chest and his throat slit, she smiled as Frey bled to death. Could it have been done any better?

Lady Mormont or Queen Mormont: Who cares? She names the King of the North.

Lyanna Mormont’s great speech drops in. Small in size but full of wisdom. She talked all the men into seeing why Jon should be King of the North. Jon Snow, The Bastard, finally is proclaimed King of the North by all those Houses that could not revenge the deaths of  their loved ones. Lord Baelish seems to be the only odd face as the people chanted “King in the North” to Jon Snow

It’s only fitting for them to do so because we are shown in this last episode that Jon too has a right to inheritance. Jon Snow is the son of Nerd Stark’s sister. Could he be Nerd Stark’s child as it’s not certain what Nerd’s dying sister whispered to his ear. In her last words to Nerd “…If father finds out he will kill him. You know him. You have to protect him. Promise me”, she said. Something was actually happening here as faces could be seen changing and those two little eyes staring right into Nerd’s.

Finally, all hail Queen Cersei!

Cersei Lannister finally  the crown and sat on the Iron throne and Jaime is seen in the corner not too happy. Has he been outplayed by Cersei?

Oh, Westeros! Here comes a new queen, with her dragons and ships.

With the loaded ships set sail, her dragons hovering above the fleet of ships and Tyrion Lannister standing by her side, the reign of the reign of the “Mother of Dragons” has just begun.

This is indeed “The Game of Thrones”.



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