Reminiscence of 2016, a nightmare to Samsung. Galaxy Note7 disappointed most of it users. But this time around, a majority iPhone users are faced with a dilemma of switching to Samsung’s galaxy s8/ s8 plus.

The fascinating feature of galaxy s8/ s8 plus is the desktop experience (Dex). This device together with a monitor functions like a computer.

For this new desktop experience, it’s a little dock that effectively turns the Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus into a desktop computer. It’s something the iPhone cannot do.

Galaxy S8 will grant you the chance to transfer your work to a bigger monitor. This is done by hooking Bluetooth to a wireless keyboard and mouse.

The DeX itself has ports for USB-C, HDMI, Ethernet, and the older USB 2.0, and comes with a cooling fan to keep your phone from overheating. You can still connect to the web over LTE.

Samsung plans to push the Dex into the market in late April and hopes to sell Dex at $150.

Galaxy S8 has got no home button. Instead, digital keys appear at the bottom of the display with standard Android system controls for returning back to the home screen and going back a page.

The bottom of the display is also sensitive to pressure, so you feel some feedback when you press down.

The Galaxy S8 also adopts the iris scanner that was introduced in the Galaxy Note 7. This can help you to unlock the device or access secure folders, and Samsung claims it’s even more secure than the fingerprint sensor.

It’s safer to use S8’s front –camera which has a built-in face detection that can be programmed to unlock your phone when you look at it. It’s much faster than the fingerprint or iris scanners, but it’s not as secure. That’s great for quickly unlocking your device, but there is a greater chance it could be fooled.

In a nutshell, Samsung has stayed on the drawing board for quite some time following the loss of brand image triggered by Note 7 last year. This household brand dreams to sell its galaxy s8 at $720 for the base model and sales launch is due on 21st of April 2017.

I think Samsung is determined to use android to correct the mistakes of Motorola and Microsoft. The galaxy S8 is worth going for. Give it try and experience a remarkable difference.

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