When it comes to commerce in Africa, the future looks rosy. African entrepreneurs often have to deal with serious infrastructural issues. The idea of drone delivery here, for example, is something that will wait quite a while.

So, we don’t have access to all the latest tech advances. But in a way, that is a good thing. It means that we have to be more creative and this has led to some really clever, workable solutions.

Take John Magiro for instance, who wasn’t going to let something as small as no power supply to stop him. He built his own hydroelectric power plant from scratch and now provides power to several homes in the area. In some places, infrastructural resources may be scarce, but there is plenty of resourcefulness to make up for that.

It makes you think, doesn’t it? So, while we said that drone delivery might not be something that will be common soon, maybe a clever entrepreneur will find a way to build her own drones. Or come up with a solution that helps gets goods out faster with a distinct African flair.

One of the points raised in the infographic below is that customers are expecting faster delivery times than ever before. As a result, Amazon in the United States has started to use drones to deliver goods in selected areas. The idea has been well received because of the possibility of same-day delivery, and a study shows that 72% of shoppers are willing to spend more if there’s a chance to receive the product on the same day that they ordered it.

But, there is a lot more interesting information on the infographic besides this. It is information to take note of for both those running brick and mortar stores and those running e-commerce stores.

Another point raised, for example, is that pop-up markets are an excellent way to boost sales, particularly those of a more seasonal nature. Pop-up stores offer newer brands a chance at better exposure with much lower overheads. It is an excellent way for businesses to test the waters and get their name out there without having to commit to a long-term lease.

Will all the information in the infographic work for all businesses? Of course not. Will it work for yours? The only way to find out is to have a look at what is there.

E-commerce: Putting African Ingenuity To Good Use



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