Dereck Thomson, a reporter from France24 recently visited Cameroon’s tech ecosystem and the vibrant Silicon Mountain community  of Buea being his target. Buea, in particular, is proud of its tech companies and startups. These young engineers and entrepreneurs are very passionate about their art.


France24 Cameraman shooting at Mile 17 Motopark in Buea

Some months back, the BBC took this Silicon Mountain community by surprise and termed it “the home of innovation”. Cameroon’s  tech ecosystem has gained international recognition as various international media organs are now interested in getting the stories behind the success of these young and ambitious techpreneurs.

“Build global and think local” is a slogan that this tech community of Buea believes in. This is evident as they build products to solve the problems of their community and by extension solving those of the globe at large. Dereck Thomson  had opportunity to meet with founders of the Silicon Mountain community in the likes Otto Akama the (founder of, Mambe Nanje Churchill the (founder of, Alain Nteff the founder of (Gifted Mum), Ekwoge Fritz the (founder of feemperfect), Valery Colong the (co-founder of Agrohub), Mohamed Felata the (founder of VIVA), and Ayuk Etta the (founder of Skylabase), just to name but a few.

France24 team having lunch with Silicon Mountain Founders at IYA restaurant

1. is an online platform which offers free skill-focused training to any person who is interested in learning tech skills such as web design, programming, digital marketing and App development.

2. is the largest job search engine in Africa. It enables young graduates and the unemployed to have access to job opportunities by sending newsletters that contain various job opportunities from different companies.

3. Gifted Mom

GiftedMom  is a leading mobile health solutions provider in Africa. It leverages last mile technologies to provide pregnant women and new mothers access to health information and strengthen linkages to antenatal care


Feem is an App that enables the transfer of files from one device to another or multiple devices within a given network. Feem is the most reliable means through which you can send files such as pictures, videos, audios, and documents.


Agro hub  is the agricultural marketing agency for small-scale farmers and food processors in Cameroon. AGRO-HUB is therefore on a mission to make Cameroon’s agricultural content more accessible and to create sustainable buyer-supplier relationships; one buyer and one farmer at a time.


Viva is a platform that provides in-flight entertainment for buses and trains.This service is used by passengers whereby they pay for Viva tickets and connect to the Viva network where they  gain access to great content such as movies, music videos, cartoons, news etc.

Watch this video blow to have  details of the France24 coverage and the Cameroons Tech Ecosystem.



Cameroon’s Tech Ecosystem

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