Maybe you are a software engineer working on very big ideas to blow our minds or you’re just that politician looking for a new lie to tell us again or you are that self-employed person who has been doing great things or is yet to do. What do you do when you are not working? What do you do when traveling and that PC isn’t with you or that microphone is not there for you to sing or whatever you do? Let’s all see some of these things that can just help us get more productive even when not working.

1. Listen to (or Watch) Podcasts

You must have been listening to the radio or watching the TV once in a while (or most at times). A podcast is something much like that but much different.

A podcast is a series of digital audios or videos that users can download and listen to…


What makes podcasts special is that they have a specific audience. For example, as a lover of Android development, I usually listen to Android podcasts from time to time.

Podcasts help explain some concepts you might find difficult in your area of work or study and also best practices you can follow to make your products better.

2. Read books when you’re not working

The availability of videos might just help fool us that the end game is for us to watch the videos on YouTube (or some other platforms) that will make us better in our various areas of study. Reading books as well is as important as watching videos. It is not just reading books in your field but it is as well, important for an engineering/science student to read literature books.

Four Productive Things to Do When You're Not Working

These books help build confidence in your vocabulary as well because you need to be able to communicate properly with your peers and business associates.

Most at times, it is hard for partners to trust you when you can’t speak well. Think about it again. When you cannot communicate your ideas, it is hard for you to be trusted.

3. Listen to (or watch) motivational videos

This is one of the most important things that you might find helpful when not on the job. At times, that job of yours or studies might just weigh you down and you don’t know what to do next. Well, you always need a push for you to keep kicking and pushing on. Motivational videos will help you reduce the pressure on your mind and give you the inspiration to work better.

Four Productive Things to Do When You're Not Working
It takes COURAGE to Let GO – Powerful Motivational video by TD JAKES

But it would be weird if you listen to these videos and keep sleeping thinking that these words will help you get there. You have to put in the work as well

4. Do physical exercises

Many people, maybe, including you and I will work tirelessly for almost seven days a week and forget this important thing. Physical exercise is as important as well to that job of yours.

Four Productive Things to Do When You're Not Working
Your body needs more physical exercises than you think

Doctors will certainly tell us that physical exercise facilitates the pumping of blood to all parts of the human body, especially the brain. Physical exercises will make you think better and avoid certain diseases like diabetes.

Maybe you are on the bus moving from town A to town B, or you are just there seated at home or somewhere. I believe that reading that book might just make you much better, that podcast might just help you stop making a mistake you have been making over and over or that motivational YouTube video might just help you push on better.

What’s the end goal?

Only ensure that whatever you are doing only makes you better and not worse.


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