Their stories always end up in Kondengui or the lucky ones get to escape. Just like almost all other big government officials who have been removed from their post, Amadou Vamoulke’s case is no different. There’s always that embezzlement story behind their arrests. The former  CRTV GM (General Manager) who was relieved of his post not too long ago, is being prosecuted for embezzling approximately 2.8 billion FCFA, of public funds.

The Special Criminal Court on the 1st of July issued a requisition, preventing the former CRTV GM from leaving the country. On Friday morning, he was arrested and taken to Kondengui Central Prison in Yaounde.

Amadou Vamoulké requested against a second opinion about the case,of which the SCC had granted. “To do this, three experts had been appointed to the investigation requested by the former head of the state television channel.

It appears this is not the first time he is being questioned on this matter. Reports state that, he had been visiting the SCC since 2014.  However, Amadou Vamoulké has always said that the 2.8 billion FCFA quarreled represent the gap between the amount shown on the accounting documents he signed when taking service, and what he actually found in the coffers of the structure when Pr. Gervais Mendo Ze left CRTV.

Whatever the case, the regime was not a messed up one. Despite all odds he made quite a positive impact on the national TV. It was during his reign as CRTV GM that we got to see quite a handful of young journalists on TV. Though most Cameroonians have lost hope and no longer watch their one and only National TV frequently, the situation would have changed if he was given a chance. Especially with the six TV channels he planned on instituting.

Will all these promises be flushed down the drain? Hope the next person to take that hot sit doesn’t let us down.










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