Facebook never sleeps nor slumbers when it comes to innovation. Facebook has a huge concern for those living in rural areas where there are problems with internet connectivity. Thumbs up for facebook  as she recently completed  a test flight of a solar-powered drone that will beam internet from the sky.

This solar-powered drone is called  Aquila. The name sounds interesting. Aquila is a carbon fiber aircraft with a wingspan bigger than a Boeing 737 airplane. This drone flies with solar power during the day and with battery power at night.

This Facebook drone has the ability to deliver data 10 times faster than mobile towers connected together by fibers. This is unbelievable! Aquila is so smart and  has the ability to target an area the size of a dime (about 18mm) from over 10 miles away.

This is a great innovation by Zuckerberg, which is proof his thinking cap is always on. Bringing the internet to the poorest parts of the world will help in connecting the globe. As Aquila hovers rural areas, children and students will have a chance of using the internet to carry out research and learn more skills.

Facebook through its Aquila project wants to solve serious internet access issues faced by about 4 billion people. Out of this 4 billion people 1.6 billion live in remote areas and have difficulties to access mobile broadband networks.

The old method of internet delivery (mobile towers connected together by fiber) has been a serious impediment as it’s too expensive for rural areas.

The plan is a continuation of Mark Zuckerberg’s Internet.org initiative, which aims to bring the internet to the poorest parts of the world.

Source: Weforum

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