Yes!! we have a Facebook translation tool for our posts, comments etc. This will assist users connect with more people worldwide.Thus helping them share their posts and comments in numerous languages. A user test of the service has begun already

The world’s largest social network announced that its own developers have built a multilingual composer. This  tool enables users compose a single post that will appear in multiple languages. Other users will see that post in their preferred language.

“People use Facebook to share information and ideas in many different languages,” the Facebook team wrote in a blog post. “In fact, 50% of our community speaks a language other than English. And most people don’t speak each others languages. So we’re always thinking about ways we can help remove language as a barrier to connecting on Facebook.”

How to Activate Facebook Translation Tool

Now if you are part of the test group this is how you can enable the multilingual composer. Go to the Language section of their Account Settings. But sorry! it’s available only for desktops now. Though the multilingual posts can be viewed across all platforms.

This whole thing could really be working you know. According to Facebook,The composer is being used by about 5,000 Pages today to post nearly 10,000 times per day on average. Those posts are getting 70 million daily views, with 25 million of those views being seen in a language other than what it was originally posted in.

“It’s a very tough task to accurately make posts and comments multilingual,” said Patrick Moorhead. “Perfect language translation is a chore, but slang, humor and sarcasm are even more difficult. Just think of how many times young kids talk to you in your language and they still don’t know what you are saying.”

Despite the odds, this is absolutely  great for Facebook users especially business owners. They have the opportunity to communicate to so many people round the world. And of course without having to write in practically everyone’s language. It definitely gives one the opportunity to increase their customer base.


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