Do you want your content to get thousands of Facebook shares? Are you interested in seeing your Facebook posts go viral and shared by other Users? All this boils down to creating share-worthy content that touches user appeal and provoke them to share with friends.

The new Facebook algorithm encourages users to post content that push audience to like and share with their friends.

Companies that market their products or services on Facebook must now more than ever understand the sharing habits and motivations of the average Facebook user. This ensures brand awareness and engagement on the network.

Here are the top four reasons why people share content on Facebook

  1. To Entertain

The primary reason people said they share something is to entertain their friends with interesting content. The type of content that would fit into this category would be fun, cute, funny, or inspirational videos, articles, images and memes, or some other types of “light” content that makes people feel good.

  1. To Express Themselves

This is their way to express themselves about who they are to their friends by letting them know what they enjoy (e.g., sports, hobbies, pop culture) and what they care about (e.g., causes, issues, politics).

  1. To Evoke An Emotional Response

Does your content have an emotional punch? Emotions like happiness, sadness, fear, surprise, anger, and disgust are proven to drive clicks and shares. Facebook users usually share content that will make their friends feel something. Women are more likely to share this type of content.

  1. To Educate

Most people  share content they hope their friends will find useful. This might be news content, how-tos, or reviews.

Sharing makes people feel connected, whether it’s on Facebook or another platform. Great content enables Facebook shares and helps to connect people. So try to create shareable content that people love.

This is very simple. To increase your Facebook shares you should create content relevant to your industry or niche. If you desire your content to be widely shared, your content must be ready to;

  • Inspire, inform, entertain, or educate your target audience.
  • Evoke an emotional response.
  • Make the sharer look good
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