If you scout for information and ideas on the most revered social media platform, chances are that you must belong to one or many Facebook Groups. We have long created communities around us which gather people of ‘one-mind’ together for the purpose of sharing ideas, information, resources, and even more.

Unfortunately, these immediate communities of ours are bound by physical barriers, limiting its members to a given geographical setting. What if we could reach more people (members) in other parts of the world and still have the ability to share our ideas and feelings with one another? Facebook has made it such an easy thing when it introduced Facebook Groups in 2010.

A Facebook group like any other normal one is an online community that enables users to share common interests and express personal opinions. It is a way of uniting people around a common cause to organize and share related content among them.

These online communities of friends and people you’ve never met before could be a phenomenal way of creating a community of support as well as a great way of building your business. Facebook groups are an invaluable way to attract new clients to your business if done appropriately and the good news is, it’s an absolutely free marketing tool that will enable you reach all your members easily unlike Facebook pages.

Its benefits are overwhelming and these groups wield power especially in the business and corporate world. Here is how powerful and influential Facebook groups can be:

  1. They help you built trust and affinity with your target audience
  2. Gain new clients for your business niche
  3. Establish yourself or your brand as an authority in your given field
  4. Understand areas in which people need assistance most. Once you know what your audience wants, it will guide you in crafting your programs and marketing messages better.
  5. As a customer service desk to provide help to customers and new clients which can take the form of E-mail communication, online chat or a help number.
  6. An avenue for promoting and marketing your products and services
  7. ‘Get-feedback-medium’

Facebook’s CEO and founder, Mark Zuckerberg realized the potential these groups could have in uniting the world; bringing the world closer together. He has therefore tapped into this opportunity by revisiting the company’s mission statement (which has always been a social one).

The social media platform has equally demonstrated in worth in providing a forum for people with specific concerns to be addressed. People use groups to discuss and expand on a plethora of issues that affect or interest the members of that given community.

After learning from the benefits that come with having a Facebook group, you may be eager to create one for your business and harness its potentials. Here’s how to create a group on Facebook.

Uniting people with similar interests, ideology or profession is the source of strength for most businesses as this gives them a direct link to their audience.  Facebook groups could prove a valuable asset, especially for African entrepreneurs considering many of them almost go unnoticed. So taking on these virtual communities is their best bet on getting their products and services out there to the world absolutely at no cost.


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