The internet of things is here and technology keeps surprising us with new innovations and solutions.With the Siqueries platform, we can’t ignore  our business data. If businesses start making real use of existing data they will not just experience growth but better decision making and revenue.

It’s so obvious that there is a dire need to analyse and interpret existing business data and most of these businesses lack that expertise. Siqueries  platform aims to help businesses make use of and understand how data works miracles for businesses.

SiQueries is a data analytics & visualization company that’s transforming how companies work with data to discover new insights. This analytics and visualization  platform offer a secure, collaborative, and entirely browser-based environment for your queries and data-driven insights. This platform focuses on business persons. The tool is designed to empower a person with zero IT skills. Moreover, the end goal of this platform  is to bring value while enabling collaborations at the level of end users.

With SiQueries platform. business can build KPIs reports without necessarily requiring the knowledge of  SQL (structured query language). With your  data source connect, all you need to do is to use your mouse to start building KPIs, by drag-drop. This enables  any business user to build predictive models to forecast sales & revenue simply by using a mouse. SiQueries solution handles 95% of the complex tasks for the users.

Still, in good faith, this platform has that ability to iterate faster and bring in solutions for advanced analytics which won’t’ require the user to setup multiple tools to gain more advanced insights. A perfect example the  machine learning features that are directly available for usage with no coding require.

In a growing world of competition among businesses, the ability to collect and gain insights from business related data is ever crucial.The know-how, tools, and techniques required to obtain values from business intelligence aren’t evenly distributed across, due to cost to acquire. SiQueries platform is  making this VALUE possible by providing a business intelligence solution as a platform where you can connect multiple sources of business related data.

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