Getting your business noticed is probably not a hard thing to do but it turns out many businesses still find it really hard to get their businesses lingering in the minds of their audiences. Running a blog is one of the most valuable marketing tools for any African business. If your business is not yet blogging, it’s time you get started if you need to take your business to the next level.

A blog is a really easy-to-use platform for connecting with and sharing timely information with your clients and it’s probably your most direct communication channel with your business audience. According to a Hubspot survey, 60% of businesses that run blogs have more customers and blogs can be great on improving a business’ content marketing strategy.

Companies like ActivSpaces, Makonjo Media, Agro-Hub, MTN, etc, all make use of blogs to get their businesses to the limelight.

Here are a few unquestionable reasons why every African business leader should engage in blogging if you dream of succeeding in this crowded digital universe.

Drives traffic to your website

As a business, you probably have a website and there are various ways people find your website: They could enter your site address straight into a browser’s address bar or by typing your company name directly into the search bar. Either ways brings up your website but this is probably the audience you already have and they know who you are.

But what about those you don’t yet have, who don’t know you even exist?

It doesn’t really give you any new traffic. You could buy traffic by paying for a ton of adverts that may or may not succeed in driving internet users to your site. However, the moment you run out of money to pay for these ads, your traffic comes to a halt.

Your website alone definitely has just a few pages-homepage, services/products, contact and about us pages. Every new blog post you put up is indexed as a new page on your website. Search engines love valuable content-SEO and will definitely reward you for it. That’s how useful your will be.

Turns on your social media radar

Blogging has the potential to get a business’ website discovered via social media. The power of the social media in the growth of companies cannot be under-looked; it is one other powerful marketing tool for businesses. Each time you create a post, you’re creating content that people can distribute on social media which helps to expose your business to a whole new audience that until now, you didn’t have.

Blogs serve as a repository for your social media content, without which your social media manager will have to create new content for your company’s social media accounts.

Arena for showcasing business expertise

It gives your company a voice, a place to talk about your new products or services and share your company’s initiatives more squarely than your website will do.

Blogs are really that one place to shine your business and its initiatives and believe me when I say your website isn’t that powerful enough to get you the brand attention you need. It goes far beyond your website and posters.

How to create a blog useful to your business

Creating and maintaining a blog for your business can be a challenging task but not impossible. Here are a few steps on how you can create a blog that will be useful to your business.

Setting Goals

The very first thing you want to do is set the goals for your blog. Blogging is a journey and like going on a trip, you can’t just jump into blogging without knowing where you’re heading.

Get a content strategy

Decide on your content strategy which defines the type of content, its format and the infrastructure required to get across all important ‘messages’ (written and unwritten) that have to do with your company.

Design your blog

Work on the design of your blog which should be appropriate to your brand; the logo, the color choices of the blog should match the brand’s design and objectives as well.

Who will write for you?

You need to decide on the primary and contributing writers for your blog. You may be also benefit from using guest bloggers as most corporate blogs are written by more than one writer. A web design company like Makonjo Media could be a good place to start for African businesses withing to create a brand with blogging.

Your blog should focus on attracting leads through social media, SEO and capturing the leads directly into your marketing automation system-which is something essential for business growth.

Knowing why a blog is vital to your business is not enough, especially for African businesses which most of them are still striving. What’s even more important is developing a blog that works for you-the African style. What’s the point getting a blog that doesn’t drive any traffic back to you? Your blog should integrate appropriately into the overall strategy of your business.

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