Cameroonian Gospel artist and Songwriter Erique Tranz, has released his first album titled ‘The Revelation’. The album is some powerful piece of art which transmits a lot of powerful energy that can uplift the soul.

The title ‘The Revelation’, was an inspiration from God. Erique Tranz says the album is meant to inspire people to see things from the spiritual, and not just the Physical.

‘The title ‘The Revelation” came from God. I never had the album title when I started recording I never had a title. So one day it just came to me, and that was it. Moreover, it’s titled The Revelation” because I want people to start seeing things in the spiritual and not just the physical. God created every man first, as a Spirit. The Bible says, in the beginning, God created man, and in some other place, it says He formed man out of dust.

“Those two words have different meanings, meaning every one of us has a Spiritual side before the Physical. I want people to start seeing things in the Spiritual side, not just Physically. Like the man who says he’s poor; are you really poor? I want people to have the eyes of the Holy Spirit”, says Erique Tranz.

However, the hard copy of the album is being sold at Fabric Doctor fashion house in Molyko. The album can also be accessed online, on Soundcloud.

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