Everyone wants to be his or her own boss, which is not a bad idea. Owning your business and growing it is the new trend. Unfortunately, there are many entrepreneurship misconceptions being entertained.

Over zealous young and aspiring entrepreneurs don’t get the realities about entrepreneurship. The realities of the vocation are often overlooked or exaggerated.

Startup life has never been easy; founder of Njorku.com Mambe Nanje Churchill can testify. If you’re not prepared for this hassle, it is best you go into the civil service and work for the government peacefully or just go work in the private sector and earn a regular salary.

If you’re looking forward to starting a business be aware of these 5 most misleading convictions about entrepreneurship and don’t fall prey to such entrepreneurship misconceptions.

  1. Easiest Way to Get Rich

If you’re thinking of entrepreneur as a get-rich-quick scheme then better recondition your mind. Millions of entrepreneurs have been successful. Some made millions in less than no time, meanwhile others or many took years. On the other hand, millions also battered and lost. If there is any way to get rich fast, it is definitely not entrepreneurship.

  1. Always Need to Work Long Hours

As an entrepreneur, you will have to work long hours, but that doesn’t have to be an everyday thing. It can affect your mental well-being and also slow down your effectiveness. Try to step out sometimes and relax.

3.     Success Only Comes with Large Funding

VC funding is great, but it doesn’t mean it’s the only guarantee to be successful. Bootstrapping has actually been proven as one of the best ways for entrepreneurs. It’s not only large funding that can grant you success.

  1. A great idea is all it takes to become successful

There’s this tendency with almost every new entrepreneur to think that their idea will be successful, just because it’s brilliant. A brilliant idea is one thing, kicking it off the ground and making it successful, needs a significant push and so much effort.

5.      Entrepreneurs are their own boss.

As an entrepreneur, you are technically your own boss, but if you have investors, then you will definitely have to report to them. Also, if you have co-founders, it’s not always going to be on your own terms, you’ll have to ensure that you all are on the same page.

I hope you agree with me in relation to the well said Entrepreneurship Misconceptions above. Don’t be discouraged when sales are low, consistency means a lot in business. Likewise, entrepreneurship isn’t easy, Steve Job invested his life enormously to realise the Apple dream. You too can build such a fortune. Just be passionate and make it a lifestyle.

If you don’t agree with me lay down your critiques in the comment section below.


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