Entrepreneurship in Africa has been around for a number of years but many African entrepreneurs who engage in this extremely risky but economy-building field, still have little or no skill set of how to sneak around the entrepreneurship venture. Most of Africa’s entrepreneurs are youths and this is good, considering they’re the future and of course, the development of any economy rests on them.

Jack Ma, founder of Chinese e-commerce firm Alibaba, has made arrangements to turn all this around for the African continent. He will be making his first-ever entrepreneurial trip to Africa with the aim of sharing some of his business insights acquired over the years, with young African entrepreneurs. 

Kenya and Rwanda are the two African countries where Jack Ma will make his stop overs to raise awareness of sustainable development goals. Together with  the Secretary General of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Mukhisa Kituy, will be making presentations to some 500 young business leaders in Kenya and Rwanda from July 19 to 21 of this month.

During Jack Ma’s three-day stay in Africa, he will interact with young entrepreneurs in Kenya on a one-on-one basis to find ways in which youth and small businesses can participate in global trade activities. Meanwhile in Rwanda, he will deliver a keynote address at the Youth Connekt Summit organised by the Rwandan government in partnership with UNCTAD and UNDP.

In 2016, Ma was named special advisor for youth entrepreneurship and small business by UNCTAD. Mr. Ma is also said to be Asia’s richest man with a fortune valued at nearly $35.2 billion which accounts for almost half of Kenya’s economic output. This puts him in the best position to educate Africa’s young entrepreneurs on the best entrepreneurship practices to follow.

The e-commerce guru has always urged developing countries such as those in Africa to delve into the e-commerce world and boost their economies instead of creating tax policies that could only help to kill the emerging sector while still in its infant stage.

He has become one of the world’s most respected icon when it comes to business and entrepreneurship. His coming to Africa will just act as a bolster to the African entrepreneurship sector which has otherwise, been picking up at an unfortunate low pace.


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