Otto Beseka had no passion for accounting. However, he spent over three years of his life in the university studying Accounting. He wanted to please his family. Sooner than later, he gave up trying to please anyone.

“Study hard, get good grades and find a high-paying job with great benefits”; the crowning achievement that every Cameroonian family wants for their child, which is not out of place. But it is a feat Otto Beseka didn’t share. For him, instead of going through a long career while looking forward to retirement, he decided to play the game of life by a different set of rules.

As a parent, it is important to encourage children to aspire towards whatever they would like to be and have a variety of different options to choose from. That way, they can end up getting a satisfactory or a dream job. Have your kids to be pleased with their jobs, be it an artist, teacher or an entrepreneur; as long as they enjoy their job. Whatever they choose to do, they will generally have happier, fuller lives.

otto beseka

They won’t have to complain about how their job is tiring, inflexible, or unstable. Instead, they will lead great lives, at least in the career arena. This good mood resulting from a good job will positively affect other areas of their lives. Therefore, give the children a chance to make their own decisions so that even if they fail, they can learn from their own mistakes.

A career is an individual’s journey through learning, work and other aspects of life. Every parent should strive to put in their best s to shape their children’s careers, encourage them to choose the right career as it can impact them all their lives. Parents shouldn’t always try to dictate the path their offsprings should take in life.


In Beseka’s case, he wanted to become an entrepreneur and build his own company. But because he belonged to a typical Cameroonian family who thinks entrepreneurship is not a secured job, his dream was shorn of.

It is easy for parents to assume that jobs are the safer way to succeed in life. They do not realize how risky it is to depend on a pension plan or to expect continuous flow of salaries in today’s ever-changing business environment.

On the contrary, entrepreneurship is fast becoming safer than employment, not because of the lack of failure. On the contrary, 90% of businesses fail. However, entrepreneurs soon develop a thick skin to the worries of failure, giving them the ability to iterate through many failures which ends up leading to success. This is the kind of mentality that pushed Beseka to pursue his dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.

It’s actually not that easy to go against the grain of your family. It’s reasonable too. But what if Beseka followed his parents’ dreams till the end? What would have become of him?

Could Akwajobs which has helped reduced the rate of unemployment and improved the lives of many young Cameroonians ever have existed? The answer is NO.

Otto Beseka wrote public exams, went to the university which he later dropped out from, worked as an accountant in several companies. All in an attempt to follow the path his family had laid for him. However, he never found contentment.

Only then he realized it was not the kind of life he wanted, he deserved better.  With this in mind, his journey to pursue his own dreams and start his own business kick-started.

In 2013, he founded several companies like Pursar, a consulting firm, Carbon Group and Topup Desk which all crumbled.

In 2015, he started a school of petroleum logistics which also failed. He was misinformed and duped, so the school was shut down. He got frustrated and it is easy to get tired and give up at this point but he didn’t. Shockingly, Beseka kept pushing because he understood what it takes to become an entrepreneur.

There are risks involved and you don’t just overcome them by playing it safe, you learn to manage risk. He kept testing and researching for business ideas till he landed on the recruitment business.

Today, he has one of the best recruitment businesses in Cameroon.

Nonetheless, other thriving Cameroonian entrepreneurs like Churchill Nanje Mambe of Njorku and Javnyuy Joybert of Wikajobs, have effectively created recruitment businesses as well. Which is why, you should learn how to create a recruitment business and maybe start up your own.

otto beseka

The goal of every recruiting business is to fill temporary job openings, permanent vacancies or both. Building a successful recruiting business involves a lot. But the following steps should guide you on how to create a successful recruitment business like Beseka did.

1.Determine the type of recruitment services you wish to provide:

You might choose to fill only temporary job openings across many different industries or focus on a specific industry. Beseka’s recruitment business was not limited to a particular industry. He wanted to provide jobs across every industry in Cameroon.

As a statuper, being more specific about the area of recruiting you wish to focus on, increases your success rate. Also make sure, you study the challenges other recruiting companies are facing in various sectors.

2. Evaluate recruiting business startup costs and your financial situation.

Beseka knew he had to calculate operating cost, cost of recruiting staff, employee benefits, insurance, marketing and other business expenses. While starting up Akwajobs, Beseka had nothing. He had no idea how much he needed to launch such a business.

His journey into the business world was just beginning. But one thing was sure – he needed to create a business that creates jobs for job seekers.

3. Select a location for your recruiting agency

To increase Akwajobs’ visibility and access to both employers and job seekers, Beseka chose  a professional and centrally accessible location. He decided to situate his recruiting business at the heart of the country’s economic capital – Akwa, Douala.

4. Create a recruiting agency marketing plan

When he started out, Otto Beseka made a list of potential clients he would have to work with. This included some of his personal contacts, a list of companies in the recruitment and business industry and a general list he obtained from an Internet search.

His next logical step was to produce marketing materials. He also created a logo for office documents but didn’t fail to design a website. Besides, the entire business was based online and going without a website, was out of the question.

5. Focus on something unique

Akwajobs which is now very admired and successful was disastrous during creation but that did not stop Beseka. The fact that he wanted to be master at something unique, made him persevere on Akwajobs until it worked.

If you want to build something revolutionary, you need that focus. Focus and determination are things you need in order to build a business of your own. If you do not focus on one thing, you will become good at nothing.

6. Create a business model

Now that he had assembled all his pieces and tools together; and knew how to start the business, he decided on a business model. Beseka knew just how he was going to make money as well. After he finally launched, he created the “Active Search” feature on his online recruitment portal, a model that has sustainably generated income for Akwa jobs ever since.

It’s important to identify all the pieces involved in the process and map out how your model will produce the kind of income you seek.

Becoming an entrepreneur like Beseka could be a very tough journey. You’re going to choose the life of a pilgrim by constantly denying yourself of certain luxuries. You are going to push yourself hard but it’s going to be worth it.

Initially, Beseka on his journey failed several times and learnt to grow from his mistakes. A rare privilege most people might never get if they let their families decide their destinies for them.


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