Did you know that if you eat well, reduce processed food, have at least 6 hours of sleep a day and take enough fruits, you will still die? Wait, don’t scold me yet. However, I know life is hard, times are tough, security is tight and families are on your neck. But then, you can’t accomplish all that with poor health. Worse still, if you’re dead.

Research has shown that people who find time to take care of their health, live longer than those who don’t. Now, this applies to you as well. Don’t forget that if you die today, that project will be taken care of by someone else. And guess what? That money for marketing and branding will be used to prepare food for your funeral. Harsh as that sounds, it’s the plain truth.

Three Reasons all Entrepreneurs Should Watch Their Health
A doctor using black blood pressure monitor to check a patient

Also, if you become terribly sick today, only your family (maybe) will be there for you. While that project will surely continue to sail, you will be left alone on your sick bed, begging for death.

Why should you care about your health?

The desire to make a positive change has caused many entrepreneurs to forget why they need to take care of their health. Most entrepreneurs have imprisoned their health with the old adage that says, “Hard work brings success.” Yes, it does. But what happens when you fall sick? And that is why you need to take care of your health. Besides, “health is wealth.”

Three Reasons all Entrepreneurs Should Watch Their Health
Entrepreneur in the hospital using a walking frame beside the hospital bed

You need yourself more

Imagine people now talk about you in the past tense. They will cry, give eulogies, mourn but definitely close your chapter. Definitely, they will go back to work on those same projects which you died working on.

Nobody actually needs you more than you need yourself. You need your health to carry on with that project and become the best you can be. It is your obligation to make your health your first priority. Eat good food, give your body enough rest and exercise regularly.   

The world needs you too

I am not against workaholics (guilty). You want to create that next big thing, make that big impact but with a bad health, crazy lifestyle or lifeless body, you might just be working towards your doom. Don’t be a slave to your dreams.

The world still needs to experience that great potential in you. But that won’t happen if you have a bad health. You are busy, trying to make that new move but don’t be too busy to eat. Don’t be too busy to sleep.

To all my dear entrepreneurs, hustlers, change makers, dreamers, visionaries and burden bearers, please, take care of your health. It’s important to keep you and that big dream alive.  

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