In the heart of every entrepreneur lies an unseen burning desire to do something special. Only a few entrepreneurs hold on to their dreams and nourish them until they are brought to reality.

The story of Njoka Walter Laye, founder of the outstanding travel agency, Fly International Company (FICO) Limited is a rare one and cannot go unnoticed.

“I came up with the idea of starting FICO because it’s something I had in mind a long time ago to help people towards their desire or motive to travel. Also, to provide services that will help individuals with a low financial background. I had to devote my time to make it work. My interest to facilitate the process of traveling and help people from falling into the hands of fake agents, made me develop a passion to make this company work,” says Njoka.

Was it a ride in the park for Njoka?

Behind the success of every entrepreneur, lies a sad story. The majority of successful entrepreneurs are die-hards and go-getters. They don’t allow their dreams and desires to perish, no matter how long it takes as Njoka Walter Laye has proven.

However, before the birth of FICO, Njoka had to test the bitter part of life. In all of this, he never gave up. Rather, the challenges he encountered breathed a new idea in him.

I used to work in partnership with a friend who sold flight tickets while I offered visa assistance. He was based in Bamenda and I was in Buea. But after some time the business began to crumble causing the separation of shares. It was a difficult moment but I did not give up. It gave me courage and pushed me to go forward and led to the creation of Fly International Company Limited.”

The Break of a new Dawn 

Rising and falling is inevitable in the life of most entrepreneurs. It is not bad for an entrepreneur to rise, fall and then rise again but it is not good news either for an entrepreneur to fall never to rise up.

In the midst of his challenges, Njoka was never alone. The comforting words from his beloved wife, family, and friends inspired him to keep the ball rolling.

After all the ups and downs Njoka Walter encountered, he has remained focused on his dreams. Rather, he has seen reasons to continuously hold on and make his dream (his heart’s desire) a reality.

Notwithstanding, it is not too late for each one of us to turn our desire/dream into something fruitful. You just have to believe and hold on even when it seems like nothing is working.



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