Despite the stygian gloom of owning a personal pharmacy, Emlah Tubuo braved the odds to start Powell Pharmacy in the United States of America. Cameroon’s Emlah Tubuo didn’t look at the challenges in store to start a pharmacy. Rather, she considered her role as a pharmacist to be that of taking care of patients and saving lives. This is what has made her pharmacy today successful in the US despite the difficulties that come with owning a private pharmacy.

According to Tubuo, her philosophy as a pharmacist is relational and not transactional. She believes a pharmacist should be able to take care of patients like they are one’s family members. Moreover, pharmacists should worry more about the patient’s well-being and less about payments.

However, worrying about patients’ well-being and not payments is easier said than done especially in a domain that meets a bevy of challenges. Just like any other business, starting and owning a pharmacy comes with its own demands, that only the bravest and go-getters can meet.

Nonetheless, to own a pharmacy is rewarding for those who want to provide a valuable service to a community.

How Emlah Tubuo found her way into the US to become a pharmacy owner

With $300, Emlah Tubuo Started a Life and Now Owns a Pharmacy in the US
Tubuo will launch the pharmacy on June 6, 2019

Emlah Tubuo is a Cameroonian who got into the US in 2003 with just $300. While in Cameroon, she gained recognition for preventive care and immunization. Tubuo also suffered from preventable diseases such as malaria, typhoid fever, and dysentery.

Because of these diseases, Tubuo couldn’t go to school like every normal child. However, it is this situation that fueled her interest to give help to others in need of medical attention.

Tubuo, later on, earned a First Degree in Microbiology. She had the opportunity to work at a World Health Organization preventive health clinic. Here, she met some pharmacists from the United States who were her sources of inspiration. Because she admired these pharmacists and wanted to do more, she traveled to the United States where she had her Master’s Degree in Molecular Biology at Chicago State University.

Her thirst of becoming a formidable pharmacist kept her going. She went to Columbus where she grabbed a doctorate degree at the Ohio State University College of Pharmacy.

She worked for eight years as a pharmacist with Kroger, then as an ambulatory care pharmacist for Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Even with the challenges, Tubuo’s resilience led her to open her pharmacy at 4004 Presidential Parkway in a small shopping strip which will be launched on June 6, 2019.

Emlah Tubuo is also a mother of three.


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