Elvis Nche Ndeh CEO and Founder of Dakwas Entertainment South Africa is officially extending operations to Cameroon. The destination is Buea.

As a simple Cameroonian and an ardent lover of music, Elvis Nche (the boss himself) seeks to amplify the music and entertainment ecosystem in Cameroon, with Dakwas entertainment.

Dakwas is a South African based music label that focuses on music production, promotion, and marketing of entertainment content. This brand has got experienced personnel in the likes of marketers, producers, artists and sound engineers with international experience.

“I founded Dakwas Entertainment because of my passion for music and entertainment. My primary drive is to discover, build, and expose talents. Basically, Dakwas is a platform that encourages and promotes young talents,” said Elvis.

“I decided to extend the brand dakwas label to Cameroon and precisely Buea because I have always thought home and seen how our Cameroonian artists in the likes of Mr Leo, Salatiel, Daphne et al are making it big. it’s a clear indication that Cameroon is worth it”.

“More importantly, it has always been my dream to promote music and talent in my home town. I chose Buea in respect to of the array of talents, its hospitality and calmness too. Moreover, I love the tech and fashion scenes in this melting pot of culture”.

Dakwas entertainment has signed Snazzy Shikena and Fadyldj to kick off its game in the Cameroonian industry. However,  Makizar, Jipps Way, Draft killer and Denise are also signed to this label but are based in South Africa.

Dakwas is currently working on a project to establish a professional recording studio. The company will import the best quality studio equipment as well as train sound engineers to use the equipment to produce standard music that can compete internationally.

“I have noticed that our music industry has evoked international attention. This entails THAT we do more to keep abreast with international standards. One of the major problems noticed is lack of marketers and music promotion. Fortunately, Dakwas will put in place strategies to push music content to the international market.”

Dakwas entertainment will improve the quality of music Cameroonian artists push out. It’s going to scout for young talents and nurture them. These and much more will put it as the top record label in the Cameroonian music industry.

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