Ekema Patrick, the Lord Mayor of the Buea municipal council has announced an event to pull denizens of his municipality on new year’s eve, 31st of December 2016 to collectively watch and celebrate the head of state’s end of year speech on a giant screen at Bongo Square Buea. In this course, he planned to invite Cameroon’s famous artist Petit Pays from Douala to spice the event who has allegedly turned down the  offer due to the happenings in Southern Cameroons.

An anonymous journalist, made a phone call to question the  Mayor’s actions and to know the purpose of this sudden event. Ekema clearly stated that he is not for the southern Cameroon trivialities.“I do not care about the SHIT what people think, Go and do your Southern Cameroons things and GET ME OUT OF IT” said the lord mayor.

Haven received a huge criticism on social media, the mayor has a firm conviction about this event. Why would people leave their houses at night just to come watch the head of state’s end of year speech whereas every home is proud of a TV set? Moreover, in a digital age via mobile phones and laptops you can access the national TV. What is the agenda of such a forum?


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