The catalyst of entrepreneurial activities, e-Afrika, takes on another task of revolutionizing the business climate in Africa and Cameroon in particular. After launching the first social business network in Africa on April 18th, e-Afrika comes back with a new concept namely the ”Business Game Challenge”. This is a competition where teams of freshly graduated young people will compete for two months.  The official launch ceremony was on July 24 at Kalata Group headquarters at Kennedy Avenue.

This new concept is in line with e-Afrika’s vision to support Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Very Small Enterprises (VSEs) and craftspeople. This is also the main priority of the start-up which specializes in business digitalization services, consulting and communication.

E-Afrika Launches the Business Game Challenge in Yaounde
Serge Wamba Fosso and Martial Djomo

Our goal is to help African entrepreneurs cope with the increasingly complex world. With the fall of customs barriers, the globalization of economies and the increased use of information and communication technologies, the African entrepreneur must become stronger and develop a more offensive strategy, increase his visibility and improve his performance,”  said Martial Djiomo, director of the structure. 

The e-Afrika Business Game Challenge

The competition will be based on management, communication, commerce and website development. Most importantly, it aims at offering the best support solutions to various client companies. Equally, the goal of the competition is to immerse the candidates in the reality of the consulting profession. The candidates are to approach companies, inquire about their requests and propose the best solutions to them.

They are also to check the relevance of the proposed solutions in line with the dysfunctions. As a result, they are to ensure the implementation, quality and the follow-up of these solutions.

E-Afrika Launches the Business Game Challenge in Yaounde
E-Afrika business game challenge

The candidates were recruited by way of an announcement and about thirty were selected from the 200 who applied to the program. The young talents will receive their rewards at the end of the game.

We will take advantage of this event to identify new talents that could integrate our structure,” said DG Martial Djomo.

General conditions for the e-Afrika game

The selected candidates came from various fields including that of Communication/Marketing, Commerce, Management, Computer Graphics and Computer. They were also to receive intensive training on the e-Afrika policy 3 days after the launch of the game. This will focus on an audit-problem-solutions approach, on the management of client projects and the structuring of the sales pitch. 

The coaches will come from a panel of qualified professionals with more than 10 years of expertise. This includes finance, communication, IT  and Management. They will also be responsible for accompanying, guiding and advising candidates in setting up their strategy. The candidates will receive 500,000 CFA for the first, 300,000 for the second and 200,000 CFA for the third.

The launch of this business game challenge in Yaounde further shows e-Afrika as a smart and versatile platform. Certainly, it allows SMEs, VSEs and Artisans to get out of anonymity by gaining visibility through a network of companies from various sectors. The DG Martial Djiomo, also announced that the next edition will be held in Douala and will be organized on a quarterly basis. Thanks to e-Afrika, Cameroon is no doubt going to another level in the fast-growing and competitive entrepreneurial world.

Additional information is available on the website.



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