What is Dr. SEA Initiative?

Of the many initiatives hosted by the internet, one of the most outstanding is Dr SEA Initiative. An online health platform which provides medical education (meducation) to the masses.

In an attempt to promote healthy living through preventive medicine, Dr SEA Initiative offers basic health knowledge through videos with the language of communication as Pidgin English.

But why Pidgin English? Pidgin English to permit those with little knowledge of English language to comprehend information about their health that was once abstract to them. Alongside the Pidgin English videos are health articles which equally provide useful knowledge relating to our health.

Despite being an online based platform, Dr SEA Initiative engages in empowering people offline. Some of the most recent of such endeavors are the: Dr. SEA Initiative Food-Lifestyle – Health Workshop and the Dr SEA Initiative Health Essay Contest.

Dr. SEA Initiative Food-Lifestyle-Health Workshop

With non-communicable diseases like diabetes, cancer, obesity and heart-related diseases (stroke, heart attack) on a rise in both the rich and poor communities, there is a dire need for mass meducation. Meducation to raise awareness on the link between what we eat, the way we live our lives and development of these horrible non-communicable diseases, hence the workshop.

The objective of the Food-Lifestyle-Health workshop was triple-fold.

  1. Linking nutrition and the development of non-communicable diseases.
  2. Establishing links between lifestyle and development of non-communicable diseases.
  3. Creating a network between nutrition, lifestyle and health.

Dr SEA Initiative Health Essay Contest

The Dr SEA Initiative Health Essay Contest was a way of getting youths engaged in Meducation. The participants acknowledged the health challenges in their communities and proposed solutions to these problems. The winners had some financial incentive to ignite their attempt towards solving those problems.

Dr Sea Health Essay Contest Winners
Winners of the First Prize of the the Dr Sea Health Essay Contest

The essay competition was open to anyone with an interest in the future of health and care in African countries. Participants could be students of a health faculty, science communication or wider social and political issues. Or you may be a patient or care-giver who could use his/her own experience to help meducate the general public.

Participants of the Essay contest came from various African countries like Nigeria, Guinea, Togo and of course Cameroon. From more than a 100 essays, 5 were chosen as the winning essays and they addressed health challenges such as:

The next contest begins in December of this year.

Follow Dr SEA Initiative on Facebook stay up to date on health workshops and contests. And visit the website for valuable and empowering health content.

We Love to Meducate you.





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