Join Dr Nkeng Stephens youtube tutorial and acquire some helpful audiovisual directing and editing skills for you and your business. This self-thought and innovative creative director openly made his intentions clear to AfroHustler.

”I will walk you through on how I do my Colour Correction and Color Grading in Premier Pro CC 2017. This tutorial ”#HoldHandsMovement”  is structured for beginners that have little experience with color grading” he stated,

Dr Nkeng Stephens is set to amplify Silicon Mountaineers and the rest of the world by building a community of skillful and talented audiovisual directors and editors like himself. Nkeng like most of the techies in silicon mountain learned to do it the hard way.

Playing with the Camera, as Mambe Churchill of started playing with codes has ended this young and highly sought after creative director and cinematographer a remarkable reputation in Cameroon showbiz.

Nkeng Stephens is not only an inspirational figure but an epitome when it comes to this art. His productions especially movies and music videos have got international recognition and awards.

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Nkeng is an avid lover of Cameroon music and founder of Cameroon Phase of Entertainment typically known as CPE.https:

CPE has sustainable partnerships with lots of record labels such as Stevens Record where the famous leading Kamer female Afro Pop sensation Daphne Njie of Calee is signed.

Stay tuned to Dr Nkeng Stephens and learn more skills about cinematography, audiovisual directing and editing.

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