Donald Trump 45th US  President-elect was hated both by the Democrats and some of the Republican party in-house members but was loved by the silent majority. This go-getter openly made his intentions clear in his first speech as the newly elected US president. He openly said ‘I will be president for all Americans’. Moreover, he shares his victory with all his supporters and fans.

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Donald Trump takes over the White House making him the 45th US president. Hillary Clinton congratulates Trump for his victory. Trump acknowledges Hilary’s courage and tenacity mentioning the fact that she has worked so hard for a very long time. ”We owe her a major debt of gratitude for her service to our country” said Donald Trump.

The Real Estate business tycoon, former reality TV star, and political newcomer, who was universally ridiculed when he declared his candidacy in June last year, said his victory had been “tough”.

Trump was despised from the onset of the presidential race. So many took his outspokenness for being a madman, but in spite of all the negativity the world saw in him, this maverick never gave up. The more the hate the more energy he invested. The media tried to pull him down but he conquered. Trump has set a good pace with so many leasons to be learned from his journey to the White House.

Leadership doesn’t necessarily lie in the hands of politicians nor the military. Leadership is all about a vision, your ability to lead and others buying your vision like what Trump’s silent majority did.

Now the world is standing by to experience the realities of Trump’s rhetorics, especially as he continually echoed during his campaign that he’s going to ‘make America great again’.

The video below presents a timeline of Donald Trump’s ideology and journey to the White House. Just in case you didn’t closely follow this election from the start or you don’t quite know Trump, this video will shed some light on how he traveled to become the leader of the ‘strongest nation on earth.’

Congratulations Donald Trump!


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