The cutting edge of technology and innovation makes life more comfortable. Yes, it does, with Dolly fast food service!  Time has always been that luxury that passes away and with Dolly App, we can be proud of ordering food from various location (food outlet) to the comfort of our homes and offices.
Have you ever been tied down by a task and decide to forgo lunch just to get this task accomplished? Yes! You can sit at your office desk while Dolly fast food goes after your meal and deliver it at the comfort of your office with no time constraints.
Dolly is a HighTech supported food delivery service and a product of Webshinobis, a tech startup in the silicon Mountain. It enables you to order food from restaurants, bakeries, wine shops right from home and get it delivered to you within few minutes, so your orders reach you still hot and fresh!  
 Dolly fast food actually has a strong sustainable relationship or partnership with major restaurants, bakeries and wine shops like Delux restaurant, Bonga juice, Kutchina restaurant, Mouth Power, Mr Kleen, Yummy Grills that provide a large panoply of dishes to choose from on a daily basis. Moreover, the delivery team makes it a priority to get your food to your doorstep in a twinkle of an eye -“super fast and reliable service”.
Dolly has a network of trained professionals at various locations. Getting food delivered to customers at the right time and places is the core value of the Dolly team. At the moment, the dolly App’s clientele consist of student hostels, banks, schools, hotels, pick points, in their address map.
The Dolly app is perfectly operating in Buea with great remarks from it users. Founders and CEO’s of the Silicon Mt like Ayuk Etta of Skylabse orders fufu and eru on a daily basis through this platform. This startup plans to extend its operations to the metropolitan city of Douala and the nation’s capital city of Yaounde by February 2017.
As a supply chain base service, the delivery agents are well equipped with delivery bikes and bags which are well adapted to keep a meal very hot or very cold as needed. Placing an order for food is not cumbersome with Dolly. This system provides customers with the opportunity to order food with a single call or with a WhatsApp message. Placing a command for food entails giving your location.
The service is available from 9 AM to 9 PM from Monday to Saturday.
Call customer care: 653768577, 
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