With just about four days left until 2016, I know we all just can’t wait to experience this year’s amazing activities. New additions have been made to this year’s edition and we know it’s going to be more fun than ever before. Trust me! you don’t want to miss out on this one.

Things you will you experience at DockerCon 2016

Held at the iconic Space Needle and Experience Music Project Museum, the DockerCon after party is always that part we look on to and this year is not going to be an exception. It will be memorable from the start as you take the historic Monorail system built for the 1962 World’s Fair to the party.

And did you know all attendees will gain full access to the EMP museum and exhibits, as well as an opportunity to ride up to the Observation Deck of the Space Needle which gives you that awesome 360 degree view of the city, 520 feet up in the air Unbelievable right!! The Space Needle now will wow you with new, incredible, more interactive and amazing experiences .

Sky Church and DJ Schmolli at the EMP Museum sponsored by IBM

Next, attendees will head over to the EMP museum where they will have full access to all the exhibits at the museum. It will be powered with wonderful music backed by DJ Schmolli where a 33’ x 60’ HD LED screen AKA Sky Church will captivate your senses. Thanks to the sponsor IBM you will all have a memorable evening.   .

OMG! the surprises keep coming. This year DockerCon has teamed up with Spousetivities to ensure it becomes a family affair! The options for activities include taking a tour of the Seattle sights, enjoying an afternoon of wine and chocolate, and what! morning yoga classes led by Docker’s own Adam Herzog.

Click here to learn more about Spousetivities and register for your spot here.

 Bump UP!

You know the Docker Community like to have fun together right. So, this year they bump it up a notch with the DockerCon Bump Up game. You’ll earn points to raise your Docker rank, contribute towards a community goal and maybe even win a cool prize.

Hack Room

A hack room? Of course. In the past, many attendees have asked for a quiet workspace at the conference. This year, DockerCon has made it available as a result of all your requests.

There will be Docker engineers roaming between the show floor and the rooms to mingle and answer any questions about projects so everyone should try to stop by for a coding power hour in the Hack Rooms.
You also have the opportunity to chat with other attendees about setting up an AM run at DockerCon. This can be done through the DockerCon App.

To participate in an awesome photo mural during the DockerCon 2016, follow these steps

  1. Take a photo with the DockerCon
  2. Post to Instagram and Twitter
  3. Come pick up your photo at the mural step up on the 6th floor of the WSCC
  4. If your photo meets the color and pixel criteria, it will be selected to be added to the mural. If selected, you’ll be able to place your photo in its perfect spot and help build the surprise final image!

Stickers are a huge part of the culture and this year they are excited to announce an awesome Sticker Swap Table sponsored by StickerMule! Located in the Ecosystem Expo Hall, this will be the spot for you to pick up stickers from the awesome DockerCon Sponsors! And who says you can’t bring your own project stickers along Please do! Throw some down, pick some up, it’s a sticker swap! As a special discount to DockerCon attendees, StickerMule is offering 50 3’’ custom stickers for only $29.00!

And who says you can’t bring your own project stickers along Please do! Throw some down, pick some up, it’s a sticker swap!

To know more about the exciting sceneries during the DockerCon 2016, visit blogdocker.






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