Rumours have it that the court case of two detained Cameroonian techies who were accused as part of a group planning to hold an unlawful meeting, adjourned for the 12th of August without bail, has been pushed again to the 19th of August 2016.

Nya Check  and Isaac Kamga have been detained for planning to hold a meeting unlawfully.  Techies planning an insurrection? Is the government afraid of their tech savvy, ‘Android generation’, to bring secession?

It was a beautiful afternoon , these  detained Cameroonian techies and a couple of customers were having lunch in a restaurant located next to the BICEC  Molyko. While enjoying the good food and expressing their political point of view it suddenly became a crime against the state .These guys were collectively arrested together with the restaurant owner and a blind customer by  some police officers.

These two detained Cameroonian techies are absolutely molested for expressing their political point of view and this is proven as below:

  1. During the first 5 days in the police cell, they were denied visits. They  slept, peed and shit on the same floor without any chance to shower.
  2. Taken in front of a magistrate for preliminary study of the case and sent to prison on awaiting trial.
  3. Case set for a day and then adjourned to another day without announcement.
  4. Court case finally holds, starts 3 hours late with full court house of techies, lawyers and other well wishers. Judge had no case against the accused, denied them bail and adjourns the case to 12th of August. Also, one of the techies was not present in court because the court forgot to give a summons for him. Which country does that?
  5. Case adjourned to the 12th has been further adjoined to the 19th without any hearing.

Isaac Kunga is a holder of MSc. in Computer Science. He is also the former National Mentor for Google Developers Group Cameroon. He has worked with other techies to train over 150 programmers in Cameroon to become better than what any university in the country ever dream to achieve. Some of these people he has trained have been successfully accepted into Google’s internship program called Google Summer of Code.

Check Nyah  is  a student in the University of Buea taking a BSc. in Computer Engineering. Former Google Student Ambassador for University of Buea and presently Manager for Google Developers Group Bambili .

We plead that the government should release these engineers. They have a lot to contribute to vision 2035.  We don’t want to think that the government is scared of the capabilities of its young ‘android generation’ and want to use fear to suppress the young Afro Hustlers from taking the next steps in their lives. Lets support these Afro Hustlers as they struggle to build a better future.


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