The first speaker Bermond Yange, a very talented young graphic designer gave an interesting  talk titled ‘Design is Fundamental’ .

Beginning with the quote “design is something different to all of us”.  He sees designing as a way of conveying information to something such that it is clear and convincing. Designing is being able to connect varied ideas in new ways to produce results.

A design is different in the eyes of everyone…, whether a graphic designer or a fashion designer. As an image designer what differentiates you from the others is your mind. There is a big difference between an idea and the solution.

Why do we Design?

  • We do designing because we are inert designers.
  • Things that stand the test of time according to history are perfectly designed
  • Designing is our valuable asset.

The designer propounds on the aspect of having an idea first with our minds as the most abundant resource. Designing  is so fundamental that it traverses all fields. It is the key resource we have which we most at times tend to under estimate. As a designer, you must not ignore your innate ability.

He finished by encouraging all who built products to Just Design a Little More.

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