Design Thinking workshop is here to cultivate that utter mindset for entrepreneurs to shift from being problem-focused, to more solution focused and action oriented. This upcoming workshop is organised by the Innovation Academy of  Jongo Hub Buea.

The 5 days intensive hands-on training is expected to run from June 12 to 16 at 4 pm to 8 pm at Jongo Hub.

Design Thinking
Last session of Design Thinking workshop at Jongo Hub Buea

Jongo-Hub Buea is an Entrepreneurship and Innovation support structure. It is the youngest incubator in the Silicon Mountain and focuses on building an entrepreneurship ecosystem aimed to provide enterprises with support and promote a support culture for entrepreneurship through the power of community.

The design thinking workshop aims to facilitate entrepreneurs to gain innovative skills to enable them to think out of the box when developing products and services. Design plays a fundamental role in product development.

This transformative training shall pull in participants in the likes of startups, not-for-profit and business executive leaders to creatively design industry, community and business solutions for their ventures, respectively.

Design Thinking Workshop: A Must Attend For Entrepreneurs
Young entrepreneurs Brainstorming on Product design.

More importantly, start-ups, young entrepreneurs, and existing businesses seeking to transform their ideas and or businesses to meet the particular needs of their customers should not miss this workshop. This could assist them to make a great social impact in the process and become viable businesses.


This extensive training will be a huge benefit to entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs will learn the essence of using logic, imagination, and systemic reasoning to explore possibilities of how desired outcomes could be created that benefit their customers.

This is a must-attend forum for you entrepreneurs and ‘startupers’. Remember, the sellability of a product or service is detected at product conception (a conceived idea) which heavily relies on innovative thinking.

Limited spaces are available, grab your spot now with Just 5000frs.

Call +237 677517951 or +237 682441602

Or visit Jongo-Hub Checkpoint, Molyko Buea

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