131 startups have been shortlisted to participate in DEMO Africa 2016 first round. This features the participation of some interested startups in this year’s edition of DEMO Africa, followed by completing a DEMO Africa Innovation Tours in some African cities, and the first of which began in Kenya on the 10th of May 2016.

DEMO Africa is a platform where the most creative minds from trendy companies around Africa showcase their latest products to the world. 131 startups shortlisted for DEMO Africa and looking at the figures, there has been an increase of 30% in the number of participating countries. A total of 723 applications were drawn from 46 countries across the globe.

In this year’s contest, Nigeria tops the list with the most entries received with a total of 217 applications, followed by Kenya at 54 and South Africa at 104. Other countries with notable numbers were Cameroon at 17, Ghana 16, Zimbabwe 14, Egypt and Tanzania 12, Ivory Coast 8, Ethiopia 7, Zambia and Rwanda submitted 6 applications each.

Participation for this year’s DEMO Africa has also come from some African entrepreneurs living in the diaspora with those in the US topping the list with 15 applications and Belgium 4. Apart from countries in Africa, there were also some recorded from other countries which included South Korea, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Costa Rica and Afghanistan.

A total of twelve judges will constitute those who will review the applications with a view of later shortlisting 50 startups that will qualify for the next round.

Feeling excited about the contest, the Executive Director of DEMO Africa, Mr Harry Hare said, “We are very excited at the response we received from the startups and startup owners. This goes to show how DEMO Africa is becoming a critical piece of the entrepreneurship development agenda in the continent”.

The adjudication process will continue until the end of June and the announcement of the final 30 is expected in the first week of July.

The first round of adjudication for DEMO Africa 2016 may have been completed, but it’s the beginning of another journey for those shortlisted startups as they head into the latter rounds of the adjudication process. They might as well hope to ride on the same luck or belief in the quality of their innovation to see them make the final shortlist.



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