Sonilya has got a unique voice and a charisma of a true artist. This upcoming artist makes her first debut entry to the music industry singing tracks of well established and successful brands. This true talent caught the attention of Locko, Daphne and the diva Charlotte Dipanda and a start with such great minds is absolutely a good sign. Sonilya’s mashup consist of three heartwarming and amazing love songs to be released on December 27th 20016.
 Being a student nurse which is a demanding field of study has never swayed her away from doing music. “Well my music career started way back when I was in secondary school. I will scream and hit notes like Whitney Houston or even Mariah Carey” Sonilya stated.  This beautiful voice discovered she couldn’t do without music at a very tender age and her passion for music is inbuilt.  As a kid, she admired  Aaliyah’s style of singing and dancing and hoped to be like her someday.
This choreographer, dancer and an actress’s life is built around music. We look forward to always get the best from Sonilya
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