Daphne Njie of Stevens Records sealed her first major deal as brand ambassador for TC Cosmetics on Monday the 5th of June 2017 in Douala. Daphne is amongst the most esteemed and trendy female Cameroonian vocalists as of now with the most viral song title calee.

As a brand ambassador, Daphne Njie is bound to represent TC Cosmetics to targeted customers in order to increase brand awareness, create a specific image, generate sales opportunities and build customer preference.

Daphne expressed her elation last Monday via a public post on her Facebook page where she stated ”So happy to announce I’m officially representing Tc Cosmetics as brand ambassador. It’s a 100% Cameroonian cosmetic brand and I’m encouraging us all to promote our 237 products by consuming them.”

Daphne Njie-TC Cosmetics Sarl
Daphne Njie puts pen to paper to seal her deal as Brand Ambassador for TC Cosmetics Sarl.


Suis très contente de vous annoncer je suis l’ambassadrice de la marque @tccosmeticssarl ..Je veut encourager le peuple cameroonais de promouvoir nos produits 237 en les consommant

Daphne’s art has made her go places. She is presently  Afrimar winning artist which is a clear sign that this vocalist has got the potentials to change the face of things for TC Cosmetics.

Owing to her huge following on social media, it’s clear that all her fans will undeniably embrace these cosmetic products associated with this diva. Most of you didn’t know or had little knowledge about the existence of the brand TC Cosmetics. But lately, due to Daphne being the face of the brand the brand will be accepted with good grace.

Afro Hustler fully applauds this move by TC Cosmetics. Such deals between a star and a company are serious boosters to the young.

The move by TC Cosmetics should serve as is an eye-opener for Cameroonian companies that have distanced their involvement into entrepreneurship to adopt and promote talents and the entertainment industry. It’s a win-win for both parties. Daphne Njie will invariably use her huge fan base and social media following to promote this brand.

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