Just as the earth continues to revolve around the sun, agriculture will never cease to be humans’ source of food supplication. However, most farmers are facing difficulties due to inadequate farming skills. While growing up, Dam Nsoh Tanih and his family saw farming as their only means of survival.

As Dam Nsoh began to find interest in agriculture, he found a better way to equip farmers with the necessary skills needed. He believed that there was a lot he could do with agriculture.

In his unquenchable desire to change the world via agriculture, Dam Nsoh founded Think Fast, a business consulting firm to fight food scarcity in Cameroon and Africa at large. Through Think Fast, Dam Nsoh aims to give farmers the necessary orientation and management skills needed to sustain their businesses.

Can’t believe farmers’ reaction towards this

  It is really difficult to convince people into adopting good ideas, especially, new ones. Nevertheless, determined entrepreneurs hardly take ‘No’ for an answer. Despite the continuous resistance of the farmers, Dam Nsoh did not give up. Rather, he took it upon himself to educate and make sure they had the best advice needed to boost their businesses. 

“One of our greatest challenges is farmers’ resistance to consulting services that can help boost their farming and marketing techniques. However, most still believe in old traditional methods of agriculture which don’t support present economic situations.

‘Therefore, we reach out to them and create awareness by organizing and offering relatively free  consulting and agricultural techniques through seminars and workshops to enrich the farmers with more knowledge,” said Dam Nsoh.

Will Think Fast stand the test of time?

While trying to create solutions for farmers, Dam Nsoh Tanih battled with endless financial challenges for many years. However, the spirit of entrepreneurship in him never allowed him to give up, until he partnered with Key Group International in Canada and many more.

Dam Nsoh knew in order to succeed, he had to surround himself with people who shared in the vision. He then brought in like-minded individuals who will help drive his vision to the forefront. These included people who had found a reason to transform agriculture, not only in Cameroon but in Africa as well.

Today, Dam Nsoh’s vision of growing and reshaping the agribusiness sector with modern agricultural innovations has continued to inspire many. His vision for helping smallholder farmers in Africa might come to fruition.

Challenges are not meant to break us. Rather, they make us. Today, Think Fast is transforming the face of agro-business in Cameroon and Africa.

Persistence is one of the greatest gifts of entrepreneurship with it, you can breakthrough any limit. 


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