The number of crime rate on the internet keeps increasing each day in Cameroon. On the 6th September, 2016 the United States Embassy in Cameroon and the American-based enterprise ATR Cyber organized a cyber security and e-government commerce conference in Yaounde.  Also present were the Minister of Finance Mr Alamine Ousmane Mey, and a representative of the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications.

According to statistics from the National Agency for Information and Communication technologies (ANTIC) reveal that about FCFA 4 billion has been lost due to cyber scamming and phising. Since 2011, about FCFA 3.5 billion has been lost in skimming, with cases of 137 profiles suffering from spoofing and cyber blackmail in the country.

The US Ambassador to Cameroon was represented by Mathew Smith, the Deputy Chief of Mission at the US embassy. He applauded the government’s effort to reduce and curb the rate of cyber security in Cameroon. However, he stated that ATR Cyber will render help to Cameroon in their efforts. By this they will set up some kind of test attacks to see where there are vulnerabilities. Also, they’ll help the Cameroon government manage security solutions such as continuous monitoring, penetration testing and cyber security risk management.

This act will not only be beneficial to the state, but will create jobs for many Cameroonian youths, Mr Smith ensured. Mr Alamine Ousmane Mey lauded the job of cyber experts and reiterated that cyber security is necessary ad government embarks on e-government to promote development.

Source: Cameroon-Concord

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