What is Crazyvity?

Crazyvity is a thrilling book on how to grow your income through crazy ideas. The author, Nkwain Carlson, explains the creative process, using examples from successful African Entrepreneurs. Practically, Crazyvity guides students, entrepreneurs and chancrazyvityge-makers on how to:
– Become more creative
– Successfully implement innovations
– Disrupt the world.

The book will be launched in July 2017 in Douala, Buea and Bamenda (More info carlsonnkwain@gmail.com  or +237674390116)


Why the book Crazyvity?

Cameroon, like most African nations, is struggling to become a hotspot of innovation. Young people are spearheading this march towards novelty, towards change. And if you happen to look at the GII –  Global Innovation Index ( the leading reference on innovation) –  you’ll agree that innovation is a KEY DRIVER OF ECONOMIC GROWTH. The GII demonstrates that innovation = economic progress.  And no innovation = destitution. Can you guess where Cameroon stands in the GII?  In 2016, we were ranked 118th out of 128 countries (down from 110th position the previous year). We are at the bottom of the table. This is a clear sign that Cameroon SHOULD invest in innovation.

Crazyvity is a blueprint to Youth Innovation in Africa. More than a mere book, it guides the reader through the creative process based on the success stories of oustanding African Youth Innovators like Vanessa Zommi (Afya Tea), Alain Nteff (GiftedMom), Pamela Happi (The Miss P Show) and the Elephant, Mambe Churchill Nanje (Njorku) who have started and are running successful businesses.

Being in business is about meeting the needs and solving the problems of customers. These needs  arise as a result of certain problems. These needs evolve with time. If there is only one business aspect that can help keep up with changes in the world, it would be Creativity ( or crazyvity, as I call it).

crazyvityCrazyvity aims at equipping students, entrepreneurs and change makers with the skills they need to keep up with the rapid changes of today’s economy in starting and running businesses. The book nurtures and builds your creative confidence. You dream, you create your dream and then you innovate your dream to be a sustainable dream. You innovate or you evaporate.

What should the Readers Expect?

Crazyvity is a 7-chapter book which provides it readers with a guide to be more creative: successfully implement innovations and disrupt the world.

Chapters 1 and 2 highlight the importance of creativity in starting and sustaining a business.

Chapter 4 pinpoints the barriers to creativity both at an individual level and an organizational level.

Chapter 5 proposes ways of overcoming these barriers and how to enhance creativity.

Chapter 7 seeks ways of protecting your crazy ideas which are potential business ideas through the use of intellectual property. It also proposes ways of protecting your ideas from theft while collaborating with people in the development of a business initiative.

How can one get a copy of Crazyvity?

Crazyvity will be launched in July 2017. The Launch will take place in Bamenda on the 8th of July, Douala on the 15th of July and Buea on the 16th of July. A copy of the book would cost 4000 FCFA.crazyvity

For more more information and to stay up-to date with the activities leading to the book launch. Follow Crazyvity on Facebook or contact the author Nkwain Carlson.

Email: carlsonnkwain@gmail.com

Whatsapp: +237674390116

About the Author

Nkwain Carlson is a crazy blogger and philanthropist. He runs a motivation and welfare blog, Nkwain Carlson’s Blog He is founder of Project Ignition Cameroon, a social entrepreneurial initiative that empowers hundreds of Cameroon students against examination anxiety. He does freelance writing and community management for a couple of organizations notably Dr. SEA Initiative, Niki Heat and Afro Hustler. Crazy thing about him: he can eat ten hamburgers a day for one month and not gain a single gram. Yes, he’s slim. Nkwain Carlson: Crazyvity



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