Reports from say the Tribunal in has decided that the amount of 100 million CFA francs in damages against Dr. Jerry and 10 million FCFA as bail. I have reproduced below, an interview with the Dr. Jerry Etabong Essua of Hope clinic Kumba by MEDCAMER.


Dr. Jerry Etabong Essua; A pregnant woman at 24 weeks visiting Cameroon from Germany arrived at the Hope Parma hospital at 1:05 am on 06/04/2016 at full dilatation and was in the active phase. She gives birth to a male foetus weighing 1000g shortly after arriving at the hospital. The premature newborn was kept alive for four days until about 4:30 on 10.04.2016 when the infant died from premature complications. It is interesting to note that before this, the mother of the newborn left the hospital on 04/08/2016 to attend the celebration of a memorial service for a deceased relative, leaving full responsibility for his care premature baby in hospital staff, a task they accepted and carried out without any difficulty.

On Sunday morning (10/04/2016), at about 9:00 am, the father of premature infants arrived at the hospital and was informed of the death of the baby. He immediately began to attack the nurses on duty and even patients in the wards. He destroyed equipment and emergency medicines in the reception room. I was called by the nurse on duty and when I arrived I was physically assaulted by Mr.MAP. I received several blows on the head until those witnessing it came to my rescue from Mr. AP.

People from the neighbourhood rush into the hospital disrupting services by preventing staff from attending patients for about three hours. I then called the rapid response police unit with the intent to restore some order and calm the situation. We were all summoned to the police station, where Mr. AP said the death of his premature baby was the result of a power cuts in the town of Kumba at 8:00 in the morning and that baby died because the hospital did not start the standby generator.

I explained that since the premature infants had died at 4:30 am there was no reason to turn on the generator at 08:00 when the power failure occurred! The “Council of State” ordered my arrest and incarcerate me until the cause of the child’s death is assessed. I was accused of involuntary homicide by negligence. I was released on bail last night and now I expect a date for the hearing of this case. An autopsy has been ordered to determine the exact cause of death and whether the power failure was a factor that contributed to this death or not.

It is no doubt that a story like this will insight comments criticizing one party or another OR doubts its credibility. But the BRUTAL HONEST TRUTH IS, the Health Industry in Cameroon is a Mess. For the past weeks, similar cases have been trending on the media involving Government Hospitals. Therefore, important measures should be taken in order to improve on our Healthcare system.

Yesterday, Techcrunch-Africa Reported, “This startup is using drones to Supply medicine in Rwanda” . For those who did not Read, Rwanda government partnered with a Silicon Valley startup Zipline International to deliver medical supplies using drones. It is good news that Zipline is ready to get into many other African Countries. Maybe this could go a long way to improving the Healthcare System in Cameroon.




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