FabAfriq’s Corporate Women in Leadership Summit will bring together Corporate ladies to take leadership roles. The summit, scheduled for Thursday, March 14, at Starland Hotel, Bonapriso, Douala, will run under the team, “She Transforms Her: Balance for Better”.

FabAfriq’s 2019 Corporate Women In Leadership Summit under the theme: "She Transforms Her: Balance for Better"
Corporate Women in Leadership

This corporate event is FabAfriq’s first major event for the year 2019. The aim is to inspire and motivate young women. Women whose dream is to hold leadership positions in various companies. Recently, more talks have focused on entrepreneurial leadership, thus the idea of hosting such a summit is important for ladies to appreciate the roles they play in corporate organizations.

This fifth edition was inspired by the 2019 International Women’s day. The focus of this year’s summit therefore, is to place emphasis on direct mentoring relationships as a pivotal part in career development.

It is worth noting that, women are the backbone of development and sustainability in every community. Women are also multitaskers and are capable of handling leadership positions in corporate companies. Recognizing this, the Corporate Women in Leadership Summit seeks to encourage them to take up leadership roles in the corporate world.

What to expect at the Corporate Women in Leadership Summit

In this edition, women will have a drill on the importance of workplace balance for better performance and output.

The summit, over the years, has become a pan-African movement with past editions held in Gabon and Cote d’Ivoire. Thus, impacting over 500 working women and men.

The Corporate Women in Leadership will feature speakers with a broad knowledge on career development. Therefore, an opportunity for participants to add value to what they already have.

Moreover, the summit will also feature a mentor-mentee programme. In addition, the programme will give interested participants a chance to choose a speaker as a mentor. Participants of this year’s conference also have a chance to register for a Masterclass with one of Africa’s top PR woman and CEO of FabAfriq Magazine, Adeline Sede Kamga.

It is the era of the “Game Changers” and the Corporate Women in Leadership Summit is regarded as a change project.  Thus, the objective is to impact the corporate lady and improve her career.

In order to give it a bolster, the summit is organized in line with the Corporate Awards. Corporate Award is a flagship event which aims at recognizing companies with the best Human Resource policies and practices.

About FabAfriq

FabAfriq is a concept magazine on the culture and lifestyle of the African man. Its main objective is to challenge the stereotypes of Africa. It also has a role to show the world the beautiful nature of the continent other than what people think of.

The Magazine is in partnership with several charitable and non-charitable organisations. Its purpose is to sensitize and inform its audience on issues which affect everyday life.

The Magazine focuses on Fashion, culture, cuisine, sports, and health.


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