The common law lawyers of the Fako extraction came together yesterday December 19th to decide on the faith of the Southern Cameroon struggle. After a long deliberation, these determined lawyers analyzed the status-quo of the struggle and declared that the strike continues indefinitely till further notice. Barrister Bobga made the following remark:

“Extending words of gratitude to fellow brothers and sisters, wives and husbands, chiefs, encourage Fons and elites for standing on their side in this period of the strike. We think it’s our responsibility to fight for what belongs to us “the freedom and liberation of our people” We had been slaves for them for 50 years now and we risk being slaves for them forever if we don’t fight now. THEY USED OUR RESOURCES TO BUILD THEIR REGIONS AND MAKE THEMSELVES RICH while we suffer from poverty, rejection and marginalization.

We have met in different meetings to discuss on the way forward and this is our conclusions.

We will continue the strike indefinitely. Common law lawyers of southern Cameroon were badly beaten and humiliated in BUEA, our rob seized by their military, most of our colleagues are in the hospital still undergoing treatment, they refuse to look into the problems we posed but they went brutally harassing people and shooting to kill striking youths. We will not back off until we are granted our freedom.

Let every one of us stay united and encouraged.  The strike that’s  organised by our brothers and sisters of southern Cameroonians living in South Africa, Canada, USA, UK, Germany, Australia and even in the country and many in other countries have notified us of a protest in January 2017.

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Remember that Mr Biya has sent the military battalion to Bamenda. They have arrested almost 150 people from Bamenda alone and taken them to Yaoundé and we are having reports that almost 75 of them have been beaten and shot dead. On December 9th we received the report that military people entered milikobutat about 2 am and broke students room and arrested close to 50 students and most of them have been shot dead already. They decided to come at night to hide from the Media.

This incident provoked the refusal to sing the national anthem in Mamfe by the population complaining that the killing is too much. All these and more they are doing is to scare the people of Southern Cameroon not to protest and strike. In January there is going to be strike we have never seen before. We prefer to die all of us but all our brothers killed and in prison will be avenged. This is the current situation going on. We are one people let’s stand as one during these trying moment.  ”





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