Sharing files from one mobile device to another makes life sweet in this communication age. Transferring files from ios to android sucks, Collins Mazu opened up. These 3 Apps will assist you to transfer files from android to ios seamlessly.

The founder of 25-45 Business Consulting, Collins Mazu Certified Chartered Accountant, knows little about tech.  Incessantly, he and staff members had had difficulties sending files from his android devices to his IOS. To him the absurdity of it was maddening.

He aired out his frustrations how his Apple’s products won’t accept files from android devices. Invariably, it sucks, especially when there is that urgent need to share an important business file with a colleague/ client.

Most importantly, time is money and there is much to be done to meet up with clients demand. Moreover, sharing of information defines the contemporary business. Information needs to be shared effortlessly from one device to another, Collins stated.

Seething with resentment, Collins made up his mind to do away with his iPhones and preferred the easy way with Galaxy s7. But however, he complained to one of his tech -savvy friend, Ngah Kenneth.

Ngah Kenneth, a developer and software engineer in the Silicon Mountain mentioned several apps that could help his friend Collins transfer files from android to iOS easily.

Notwithstanding, these apps could forge a perfect symbiotic relationship between Android and iPhones users. Below are some of the apps Kenneth mentioned that cleared the worries of Collins.


Feem is an incredible product of the Silicon Mountain of Cameroon. This elegant app makes life easy when it comes to transferring files from Android to iOS. Feem makes the process hassle-free as it creates a local Wi-Fi network that connects the android and ios devices.

With Feem you can transfer heavy files in no time. A local chat feature is also available to enable users to chat and share information.


Xender is an interesting app that lets you grab APK files, music, pictures etc. from android and ios respectively. This app creates a Wi-Fi network like Feem and sends/receive files from multiple devices simultaneously.

Xender has a desktop version which permits the sending of files from your computer. Xender can send anything you want, from documents, photos, to videos, in an instant with a few taps


Shareit is a proud product of Lenovo. It’s best at transferring files from android to ios and vice versa. This app transfer files in a jiffy you don’t require an internet connection but both devices need to be connected to an active Wi-Fi network.

The above-mentioned apps proposed by Kenneth changed Collins view. Collins is presently an ardent user of Feem which he prefers most. Collins Mazu uses Feem as the prominent way to share files between his staff and clients from android to IOS and laptops too. The amazing chatting feature gives a cutting-edge experience as internal communication enjoyable.


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