A common problem which most African countries face is the problem of unemployment. Most youths leave school but can’t have standard jobs. It wouldn’t be out of place to say that many lack jobs because there is always this dream to work with the government.  Thus, a developed private sector can generate better jobs to fight unemployment.  Algeria on her part has taken a step to tackle unemployment, with the creation of Code213 coding school.

Algeria’s, youth unemployment rate in the third quarter of 2017 was about 28.30 %.  It is one of the countries of the MENA region (the Middle East and North Africa). Countries of the MENA region all have different economic standards, though they have the same socio-economic challenges. One of which is unemployment.

Considerating that we are in a digital age, it doesn’t suffice to become a graduate to get employed. It is commonplace to see unemployed graduates in Africa. However, one of the reasons is due to the lack of competence in the digital sector.

In Algeria, the digital sector is starving from trained personnel to work as it requires competent candidates to fill different positions. Thus, to provide jobs in the digital sector, Algerians created Code213 coding school.

Code213 coding school will solve the problem of unemployment
The coding school will go a long way to drive Algeria to a digital economy

What about Code213 coding school

In order to create employment for the unemployed but educated youths, Code213 will launch different training programmes to prepare the workforce for digital careers. Maxime Gfeller and Kamel Haddar who also co-founded iMadrassa, Algiers-base ed-tech startup, founded Code213.

According to TNW, the programmes are launched in partnership with Simplon.co. coding school. Code213 will offer programmes in fields like web development and digital project management. These training programmes will go a long way to provide a wider job market in the country’s digital sector.

It is amazing to know that an entertaining mobile application or sophisticated computer program is all about a string of code. The idea of letter, numbers and symbols assembled together to run an entire software system is fascinating. It is not just all about the coding process; it’s also about the careers Africans can pursue in this digital sector.

According to co-founder Kamel Haddar, the programme will run for six months. Through this programme, the founders intend to train about 50% of women so that companies will employ female developers. The World Bank and Wilaya d’Alger are supporters of this initiative.

Computer coding jobs

Statistics show that half of all programming openings are in industries that are not technology-oriented like finance, manufacturing and healthcare. Thus, coding is not just for those who want to work in the technology sector. According to analysis from Burning Glass researchers, about 49% of jobs that pay more than $58,000 require you to have some coding skills.

Algerians undergoing this training will provide jobs in different domains. They include Software Application Developer, Web Developer, Database Administrator, Computer Network Architect, Computer System Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, among others.

Code213 coding school will go a long way to lead Algeria into a digital economy.


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