CloudCover recently joined the Nigerian tech space. Are Nigerians ready to give them a share of the market?

Nigeria’s tech ecosystem is growing with an increasing influx of investors into the market. Mobile operators, broadband companies, content providers and other technology-focused companies around the globe are pitching their tents in Nigeria. Of course, the underlying aim is to tap from the large market provided by the over 180 million Nigerians.

Lagos, Nigeria,  has recently been declared set to overtake Nairobi, Kenya, as Africa’s start-up capital. This is probably because Nigeria boasts of many tech/eCommerce startups like Konga, Jumia, Andela, iRoko, Farmcrowdy, and Flutterwave, among others. There equally exist investments like; ‘Yabacon Valley’ and the $360 Million African ecosystem investment, where Nigeria got about $109 Million.

These consequently reflect an increased investor interest within the Nigerian tech space/ICT market. CloudCover, certainly wants to grab its own share of  the big market.

Nigeria’s Burgeoning Techsphere & the Arrival of CloudCover - Virtual SIM Technology
In the first quarter of 2012, the Telecommunications and Postal sector was the primary driver of growth of the Nigerian economy. The sector is the fourth highest contributor to the nation’s GDP. From recent developments in the Nigerian tech space, it can be said that the above situation has not declined but there has instead been an improvement.


However, there’s still a problem.

Accessibility to high-speed Internet connection and telephone services remains a huge challenge. It is, therefore, not uncommon to find Nigerians migrating from one Internet and telecom provider to another in search of better Internet connection and communication services.

The recent arrival of CloudCover in the Nigerian ICT market thus, provides a glimmer of hope.

About CloudCover in Nigeria’s ICT Market

CloudCover is a multinational provider of multi-network mobile data services. The company provides a portable CC1 Mi-Fi device which allows users to access the best available network anywhere in over 100 countries, including Nigeria.

Nigeria’s Burgeoning Techsphere & the Arrival of CloudCover - Virtual SIM Technology
Some Executives of CloudCover displaying the portable CC1 Mi-Fi device in Abuja

The company has existed in Nigeria since 2017 and has been servicing citizens in all 36 states. It is a pioneer in virtual SIM technology in the country. It supports the states, Federal government and the private sector to strengthen the growth and impact of the ICT industry.

CloudCover, therefore, works towards providing constant reliable Internet connectivity for subscribers on an extensive scale, with just a single device. It reduces the burden of tough decision-making which Internet providers go through in a country. And so, the service becomes very necessary in a country like Nigeria with multiple service providers.

On April 24, CloudCover hosted Critical Information Communication Technology (ICT) stakeholders in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital. The session was to discuss the future of the Internet in Nigeria. Through its leading 4G/LTE device – CC1 MiFi, CloudCover presents an unwavering solution to the fluctuating Internet services in Nigeria. This will help subscribers to cut down on extra cost in buying different SIMs and Mi-Fis.

Nigeria’s Burgeoning Techsphere & the Arrival of CloudCover - Virtual SIM Technology
CloudCover executive lectures ICT stakeholders in Abuja on the Virtual SIM Technology

Mission of CloudCover

Virtual SIM technology is increasingly being adopted around the globe, especially in Western countries. Consequently, this concept clearly appears to reflect the future of mobile technologies. Nick Dixon, CEO of CloudCover shares this position.

“Constant connectivity to the Internet in today’s world is priceless. With so much innovation being shared and discovered in the cyberspace, it has become imperative for one to stay connected regardless of time and location. People in today’s generation are relying on the Internet to do a lot of many different tasks. This is why we created the CC1 Mi-Fi that keeps you constantly connected locally and internationally,” he argues.

Nigeria’s Burgeoning Techsphere & the Arrival of CloudCover - Virtual SIM Technology
Nick Dixon, CEO of CloudCover

With this, it is obvious that the Virtual SIM technology innovation is the future of Internet and cellular technology in the world. Considering its vibrant and flourishing ICT market, Nigeria thus provides a favorable and enabling environment as one of its testing grounds in Africa.



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