Africa’s adoption of cloud technology is still emerging. Like in other technology adoption assumptions, people often use the assumed homogeneous nature of the continent to make wrong conclusions about the maturity levels which differ vastly from one country to another.

Multiple studies and research from Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) – AWS, AZURE, Google Cloud and third parties reveal that potential customers, users or interest of cloud are still at an extremely low rate outside just 3 countries on the continent. Frankly, we have personally witnessed greater excitement by Africans about Blockchain technology than cloud technology.

For a reminder, Blockchain technology emerged from the gaps experienced in the cloud. So, Africa’s natural evolution in information technology should be CLOUD TECHNOLOGY.

In Africa, three countries lead in cloud services adoption. And the gaps that exist amongst them mirrors the adoption across the continent.

South Africa is the most advanced in cloud technology in Africa. However, the gap between South Africa and the next country, Kenya remains wide. While South Africans already see the cloud as a platform for innovation and creating new business models, Kenya uses cloud technology mostly for scalability of once on-premise applications. Then, there’s Nigeria which is still in the migration to cloud phase.

Why the slow adoption?

Summing things up, the lack of adoption of cloud technology in African countries is due to infrastructure/Data Centers challenges. Then imagine the rest of the continent talking about blockchain?

Lately, more African countries are making strides into cloud technology and some are in robust planning stages and experimenting, namely Rwanda and Ghana but mostly theoretical. A vast majority are still thinking about how to adopt it.

Success stories across other African countries in cloud technology usage is mostly based off a foreign investment or loaned/rented infrastructure.

Cloud technology’s pay-per-usage model, flexibility and scalability features has the potential to transform economic activities. If only Africa can harness this technology more, we will be on the lane of the fastest-growing regions in the world.

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