Long before now, the phenomenon of getting a job after school has become a mystery. Even up to date. Presently, the rise of unemployment has emboldened the heart of youths with frustration, suicide and thievery.

In as much as the word “unemployment” carries a negative connotation, it will amaze you to see one of the good things it has done. Here is a story of a young Cameroonian, Clarisse Ndinge, who in the midst of unemployment conceived the idea of a media house.       

After graduating from the university with one of the best grades in Petroleum Engineering, Clarisse moved from one firm to the other, dropping her CV in search of a job. With the hope of getting a job, Clarisse waited and hoped to receive a call from the firm she had applied to but no opportunity ever came her way.

Will Clarisse Ndinge ever get a job?

It is really frustrating when waiting for a result and it did not come. As the crave for job continued to grow within, Clarisse  as left with only one choice “going back to school.” This is the last thing she would want to do at this point of her life.

“I had only one option which was for me to go back to school and further my education.  At that time in my life, I wanted to work. I wanted to make money to take care of my responsibilities I had. So, going to school wasn’t an interesting option for me,” Clarisse said.

The adage “no knowledge is ever a waste” must have visited Clarisse’s mind. While struggling with the thought of going back to school, Clarisse decided to put together the media and communication skills she learnt from school. As a result of this, Clarisse created an online blog called betatinz.com.

Clarisse Ndinge: Accepting the gift of Unemployment

After the birth of betatinz.com, Clarisse embraced the gift of unemployment and began to explore the media industry. While working with Betatinz.com, Clarisse decided to put her public relation skill to work. As a result of her desire to get better in her new career world, Clarisse created Beta Media.

Unemployment is the Push that Brought Out the Best in Clarisse Ndinge

“I also self-educated myself, and developed those skills and got into public relations. The first venture I made money out of in my life was event organization. that was from my early days in the university. So, I incorporated all that into one and that is how Beta Media was born.”

Embracing self-employment is the only reliable means to halt the endless unemployment offensive in our twenty-first century society. 

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