After successfully establishing its footprints across the African continent, the Pan-African corporate law firm Centurion Law Group has embarked on making its impact felt in the domain of education by partnering with the Aberdeen University to offer scholarships to Sub-Saharan African students that will enable them to study petroleum related courses at Aberdeen University, Scotland.

The new scholarship initiative termed, the “Aberdeen University-Centurion Law Group Generation Energy”, was made known during the Africa Oil and Power Conference in Cape Town on June 6. The Africa Oil and Power conference is an annual meeting of lawyers and business advisors from across Africa who converge to discuss issues relating to energy power, natural resources, oil and gas and power generation.

According to Centurion, four beneficiaries (post-graduates) will be selected annually from Cameroon, Chad, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, South Sudan, D.R Congo, Central African Republic, Liberia, and Senegal.

To this effect, African students offering programs in Petroleum Energy Economics and Finance, and Oil and Gas Enterprise Management, as well as Aberdeen’s LLM in Oil and Gas Law and Energy Management MBA, are eligible for the scholarship funding.

Investing in education is possibly the best bet any business can ever make. Its impact is only felt in the future and that future is what guarantees the success of any profit-motived company. But just how many companies are willing to invest in African education is the big question.

“Africa is the future, and we must take our future seriously. I believe in investing in education and enfranchising the next generation. That’s what the Generation Energy scholarship is all about,” N.J Ayuk, CEO of Centurion revealed.

On its part, the Aberdeen University will equally have to play its part in building a successful African future. “With this scholarship, we will be able to contribute to the potential of this beautiful continent and be a bigger part of its progress,” said Dr. Emre Usenmez, Petroleum Economist and Lecturer in Oil & Gas Law, at the University of Aberdeen.

This new scholarship initiative will be power-driven by Centurion’s Corporate Social Responsibility division, Africa Now Foundation which has as aim to empower young Africans and entrepreneurs through education, training, and mentorship.  It is Centurion’s way of giving to its African community of oil and gas producers, the reason why this organization is not cut out of the corporate social responsibility circle.

Centurion has also been very instrumental in helping fellow African countries join oil and gas organizations, a case in point being the Gulf of Guinea oil-rich nation, Equatorial Guinea that recently joined the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) thanks to the Centurion Law Group.

The company’s extensive experience in the oil and gas business has reinforced its emergence as one of Africa’s top law and business conglomerates of all time.

Education is crucial to every society that aspires to develop and the only way for this to come true is for companies and businesses investing in the future – education. If other multinational organizations could follow in Centurion’s footsteps, Africa could in the nearest future, leapfrog to being one of the most advanced continents in the world.

Click here to apply for this scholarship.


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